Handbook Germany wins prize at the German Digital Award 2018

We've won bronze! The Award Winners proudly and contentedly return from this year's award ceremony of the renowned German Digital Award from Berlin.

"We have experienced a strong year with a correspondingly long shortlist", notes Marco Zingler (denkwerk), as Vice President of the BVDW on the large number of entries this year.
"Digitization has taken another step forward in evolution. The possibilities of companies to communicate with their customers are becoming more and more diverse and interactive". The team around Ronald Schulz and Peggy Lötzsch (Digital Marketing Department) succeeded in winning one of the coveted awards in the digital industry from a total of 453 entries.

The T-Systems Multimedia Solutions project team applied with the information portal for "" in the category Branded Content - Content Platforms /
Digital Magazines. The portal won the bronze award. The Handbook Germany has not only fulfilled the specific requirements of this category, but has also achieved a high score in the overall evaluation criteria, such as the innovation value of the contribution.

Project manager Ronald Schulz received the prize from Jan Böhmermann. With this award, the team makes its clients, the Neue Deutsche Medienmacher e.V., particularly happy.

 "This is the reward for the really great cooperation of all those involved in the project and gives us a considerable motivation boost for the further development of the portal. When you see what has happened since the start in 2015, I am very proud of the team's work and I look forward to the future. We still have a lot of innovative ideas that we want to implement together," says Ronald Schulz, who is completely satisfied.

With T-Systems Multimedia Solutions makes it possible to provide the right geobased, cross-channel and personalized information for every user at the right time. Conceptual advice and further development of content through technical innovations also play a role.

This is what stands for is a central information portal for refugees and immigrants, which was created by the Neue Deutschen Medienmacher and Deutsche Telekom which went online on February 1, 2017. The platform is designed for use with smartphones and is compatible with all social media channels. It contains many very low-threshold information offers, such as short info videos in several languages on various topics - from initial orientation to life in Germany and entertainment. In addition to Deutschen Telekom and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, Adobe Systems is also contributing to the success of with its Experience Cloud platform.

German Digital Award

The German Digital Award is presented by the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW) and recognizes the top achievements of the digital industry in their entire bandwidth. The extensive category system and differentiated evaluation system is not only awarded for creative digital work, but also for its diversity, possibilities and implementation.

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