Silver Partner - Four Years with Microsoft's Mixed Reality Partner Program

T-Systems MMS has been a participant in the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) since the end of April 2018. As a Silver Partner, we benefit from comprehensive hands-on training, among other things, and can make our expanded expertise available to our customers in the development of mixed reality applications.

Targets & Mission

TheMicrosoft-sponsored, community-basedprogramisforpartnerswhodesign, develop, deployandexecutemixedrealitysolutions. Thecompaniesparticipatingintheprogramhavemixedrealityofferingsandexpertiseincloudservices, AI, IoTandSaaSapplications. TheaimistolaunchAzure-based, innovativeindustrysolutions. Thepartnerssupportcustomersinthemanufacturing, healthcare, retailandeducationsectors, forexample, inacceleratingtheirdigitaltransformationandincreasing businesssuccess.

"Participation in the Mixed Reality Partner Program is an award for the know-how and special commitment of our team of experts. The collaboration with Microsoft is a great support to bring the innovative software and hardware solutions into new future-proof scenarios for our customers."

Rafaela Sieber, Head of Extended Reality Process Enablement | T-Systems MMS

The MRPP has been in existence since 2016 and now has around 100 partners. The T-Systems MMS has been with a team of around 20 people for four years. In order for companies to be eligible for MRPPs and benefit from the benefits, they must first demonstrate in-house competencies and meet performance criteria. Our current Silver Status requires certain technical requirements to provide 1st or 3rd party applications with HoloLens 2, as well as consultants for Dynamics365 Remote Assist and Dynamics365 Guides Training. As an official Microsoft Gold Partner, we have extensive specialist expertise to support and help shape the transformation into the cloud or the digitization of processes with high customer security requirements.

“During development, we support our partners with our knowledge and help them create the best solution for the customer. I think it’s great to see what Mixed Reality can do. The application example at Schwan Cosmetics once again shows how Mixed Reality can change collaboration and significantly increase efficiency”, says Michael Zawrel, Senior Solution Specialist Mixed Reality & HoloLens Germany. 

The partner program does not only offer a community to share, but also provides various marketing materials and provides up-to-date insights and support for the further development of HoloLens. As part of the program, the T-Systems MMS team has already implemented “Remote Assist” solutions for SchwanCosmetics, CocaCola and Deutschen Telekom.


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