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    Automation in the public sector – From “office” to smart government

    Which paths and solutions can help in the transformation from classical office to Smart Government?
    What automation solutions are available and how effective are they?
    The answers can be found in our whitepaper.

Metamorphosis in administration: That's how smart government works

Your new sports car is ready for pick-up, bright sunshine, the best time for a spin. But actually you will find yourself at the local registration office.
The reason: Even with a single registration process, you must go the counter up to three times.
But there is good news! In the future, citizens will be able to complete their application online without having to go to an office.

In our whitepaper we show that this path is associated with difficulties.
We explain which solutions are waiting for you and how a transformation from classical office to Smart Government can be achieved through automation solutions.

  • We answer these questions in the whitepaper

    Especially authorities are subject to the will of politics. With the Onlinezugangsgesetz (OZG), the state has committed itself to offer all administrative services digitally by 2022. This political constraint raises many questions, but also offers opportunities:

    • In view of the multitude of external and internal factors, how can the automation of administrative processes succeed with the help of Smart Government?

    • How can citizens, municipal companies and local businesses get involved in administrative processes?

    • How do you react to challenges posed by the automation of internal and interdepartmental processes?

    • How can modern digital services be offered to all stakeholders?

    • How can the public administration offer value-added services from the provision of mass data?

    • How can process automation support new and flexible working models?


Customer Journey

How does the future of vehicle registration look like? Which system does an application have to pass?


Processes, Data, IoT Management

How can the Smart Government model be combined with the Smart City and the Smart Service infrastructure?

Actual situation and future goals

How does reality look like in administrations? How can the actual situation be evaluated?


Data protection and legal issues

Cloud-based management solutions must fulfill the requirements for the protection of personal data and social data. What needs to be considered?

Process automation

Automation platform: What is it? What different applications and services are available?

Digitalization of analog inputs

Forms, images, paper documents - how do analog objects become digital?

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