Confidential Cloud-Native Computing in Large Kubernetes Clusters

How do I backup my data in the cloud?

Services and data protection-critical applications are migrating increasingly to cloud-based solutions. How do I guarantee IT security and data protection in cloud environments?

How do I process data securely? How do I guarantee the data sovereignty of my cloud infrastructure? How valid is this guarantee in case of cyber attacks? Confidential Computing guarantees an uninterrupted encryption and an integrity backup of your data. The whiteaper explains how to implement this solution and how to scale it for more complex scenarios.

Insufficient implementation of data protection and IT security requirements is an obstacle for the acceptance of cloud-based applications. Over the past few months, T-Systems, Intel and Scontain have conducted a proof of concept (PoC) for Confidential Cloud-Native Computing. The project investigated how the optimal scaling of a container-based microservice architecture can be realized while providing E2E encryption of data and programs during processing simultaneously. This whitepaper introduces this technology to create awareness for this new type of solution.

Are you facing any of these challenges?

Confidential Cloud-Native Computing can help you to meet these challenges. This is guaranteed by an uninterrupted encryption and integrity protection of data, programs and all keys. Our whitepaper is going to help you to implement this solution within your corporation.

How do I ensure data protection and IT security compliance for my cloud-native applications?

How do I increase adoption/acceptance of cloud-based applications in critical areas?

How do I secure the data protection requirements and security specifications in new system landscapes, such as block chain?



Content of the Whitepaper


How viable is a Confidential Cloud-Native application?


How secure is the document administration?


What do implementation and architecture look like? In which role and in which function does Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) perform?


Which application possibilities can be derived?

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