Data is the new oil

Data and digitization, that's like Bonnie and Clyde or start and finish - both can only excerpt together. The use of data in industrial processes and products is also a challenge.

Automobile manufacturers use data on vehicle usage, vehicle characteristics and vehicle quality for the development of autonomous driving. The collection and intelligent evaluation of data is the basis.
The most important sparring partners are digital twins, which make it possible to test developments on simulated components.

The challenge is the handling of the gigantic amounts of data.

Twinning is winning


How T-Systems' Big Data Signal Processing simplifies development processes

With T-Systems' Big Data Signal Processing it is possible to master these challenges. In the field of measurement data management, it is possible to provide data 40 times faster. At the same time, the data is compressed up to 10% of the original volume without loss. This saves costs on the Big Data platform.

In combination with a digital twin, the greatest advantage of Smart Engineering is demonstrated. Test drives must no longer be repeated with many and long test runs.
Instead, new insights can be gained directly in the laboratory environment.

  • In our whitepaper we show

    ►which changes engineers have to consider
    ►which new methods of data handling accelerate development
    ►why Big Data and digital twins are your most important sparring partners
    ►which added value scenario recognition, -creation and -simulation offer

Who is the whitepaper for?

► This whitepaper is aimed to engineers, developers and IT managers facing the challenges of digital engineering.

It provides an answer to the question: How can I improve ECU software development processes with big data technologies?

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In the fast lane with digital engineering

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