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Accessible web access for all customers

Allianz is the leading insurance company in Germany with more than 20 million customers, 30,000 employees and 8,600 local agents.

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    Accessible self-service portal

    As an insurance company specialising in assuring protection for people's life situations and everyday lives, it is very important for Allianz to assure easy access to online content for everyone, including people with physical disabilities such as the blind, the partially sighted, the manually disabled and the deaf.
    The company's own unstructured accessibility tests of its "Meine Allianz" personal domain for private clients produced unsatisfactory results. Allianz therefore commissioned the Test and Integration Center (TIC) of T-Systems MMS to check the accessibility of its private client portal and propose suggestions for improvements,, if necessary.


Extensive series of tests and code-based suggestions for optimisation

The Test and Integration Center is the only accredited software and accessibility testing centre for the Internet industry in Germany. Allianz chose TIC over the competing bids because of the quality of its testing processes and testing reports and the fact that it offers the best price/performance ratio.
The extensive series of tests were carried out during two weeks with different members of the user group concerned – blind, partially sighted, manually disabled and deaf people. The tests were based on the German Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). The problems encountered were then documented in detail, analysed, categorised and evaluated.
Each problem was also assessed individually, together with code-based suggestions for improvement.

Customer feedback

Impressive test report

Nathan Weber, Project Manager Meine Allianz at Allianz Deutschland AG, on the results of the test report: "My organisation was amazed by the scope and presentation of the test report, and particularly the advice provided. Much appreciated!"

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