Scalable And Flexible Basis for ARD Mediathek and Audiothek Thanks to Google Cloud

ARD is an association of ten German broadcasting corporations. Together with ZDF and Deutschlandradio, it forms the public broadcasting system in Germany. ARD's services include the on-demand services ARD Mediathek and ARD Audiothek. In order to keep the operational effort and costs as efficient as possible, the old monolithic and inflexible infrastructure of the platforms, including an on-premise hosted content management system, needed to be replaced by a customized solution.
Therefore, T-Systems MMS, together with the ARD development team, built a new basis for the ARD Mediathek with the Google Cloud Platform. The focus was on automating various processes. This enabled the creation of a scalable platform that reduces running costs compared to the old solution.

Customer Benefits

Saving of costs and operating time with simultaneous increase of utilization rates

Establishment of efficient and automated process flows as well as

an increase of reliability and improvement of usability

Malte Blumberg, Chief Technology Officer ARD

„With T-Systems MMS, we have a partner by our side with whom we were able to take the DevOps approach and implement a modern platform that ensures we are ready for the market.“

Reference overview


A flexible, scalable platform for the ARD Mediathek and ARD Audiothek that reduces costs.


Google Cloud Platform with service-based, event-driven cloud-native API-first structure as new technical basis.


A modern architecture based on microservices, APIs and event sourcing with cloud infrastructure-as-a-code deployment for high development speed.

  • Solution

    Google Cloud Platform as new Technical Basis

    In order to provide new services quickly, T-Systems MMS is working with ARD's development team to build the new platform with an architecture of microservices, APIs and event sourcing. In the process, the new cloud infrastructure ensures high development speed thanks to Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Additional platforms can be provided rapidly in an automated manner. Especially in load situations, the individual components are scalable, while high availability is ensured. The introduction of the right backup and recovery strategies provides additional security.

  • Benefits

    Efficient Operation and Marketability for the ARD Mediathek

    The Google Cloud Platform with new infrastructure promises much more efficient handling to the developers while offering high performance. Whereas previously there was one major release per year, the speed of deployments has now increased to one minor release per day - combined with a high increase in stability.
    The automation of various processes additionally facilitates and optimizes the work of the teams. Thanks to DevOps, development and operations now are working hand in hand. With the new platform, the media library has been able to increase renditions by 140 percent while cutting infrastructure costs by half. In addition to higher productivity, increased turnover and reduced costs, the platform ensures transparent collaboration with great resilience and usability.

About ARD

The ARD, short for Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (public legal broadcasting association oft the Federal Republic of Germany), is a broadcasting association of ten broadcasting stations founded in 1950. ARD employs around 22,500 people. The expansion of the platforms began in 2007 in cooperation with T-Systems MMS.

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