A successfully completed project and a satisfied customer are always the best forms of advertising. Several of our services have convinced not only our customers but also the judging panels of online awards. We would like to present several of the projects we have conducted for companies and associations.

DPD Deutschland GmbH

Mobile App Reaches all Employees

The new intranet of DPD Deutschland GmbH enables communication and participation of all employees in real time.

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Analytics Platform for Optimal Robot Performance

Condition data from autonomous robots can be monitored in the future with a data management platform.

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Semperoper Dresden

For the First Time Artificial Intelligence Sings Opera Aria

For the world premiere of the opera "chasing waterfalls" an artificial intelligence was trained with the singing voice of Eir Inderhaug.

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Deutsche Telekom

Reducing the CO₂ footprint via app

Reducing CO₂ consumption through active mobility management: The CO₂ app determines the CO₂ balance of employee mobility.

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Rail Logistics Service Provider

Digital Condition Diagnostics of Freight Wagons

Damage to wagons can be detected during operation and the repair process can be initiated immediately.

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Heraeus Consulting & IT Solutions GmbH (HCS)

Faster Detection of Errors

Test automation with Tricentis for Heraeus' group-wide SAP ERP system increases resilience and efficiency.

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Reuter Technologie

Leave the Beaten Track, Break new Ground with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Digitization of Reuter Technologie's sales processes using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales platform.

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Freie Hansestadt Bremen

Continuous Improvement of Accessibility for the Website “Persons of Single Contact”

The web presence of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen "Single Point of Contact" aims to promote the participation of all user groups.

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Ludwig Meister GmbH & Co.KG

Processing 300.000 per Year Automatically

More efficient and automated ordering processes for Ludwig Meister with the help of the AI-based SaaS solution Semasuite®.

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eHealth-Project Oncobroker

Digitization of Cancer Aftercare

Secure digital data exchange between clinics and doctors improves cancer aftercare.

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FC Bayern Basketball

Making Score Points Towards Basketball Fans with AR-App

The smartphone app for basketball fans creates an entirely new experience and contributes to the identification with the club.

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Getting in Motion

Central e-commerce platform of medical technology company Bauerfeind migrates to the cloud.

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GlobalFoundries Dresden

Not to run out of Chips: Acoustic Diagnosis While driving by

With acoustic sensors and thanks to artificial intelligence, transport robots in chip manufacturing can be maintained predictively and efficiently.

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Informed decisions thanks to automated data analysis

Zott introduces SAP Analytics Cloud, a group-wide platform for analytics and business intelligence.

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New Website and a Fresh Brand Image for the KZVB

Award-winning relaunch of the website and a new brand image for the Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Bayerns (KZVB).

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Stadler + Schaaf

From the local intranet to Info Cockpit 2.0

The hybrid mobile intranet takes internal communication to a new level.

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Chancen eG

Fairness of opportunity starts with the source code

The Corporate Digital Responsibility of CHANCEN eG sets itself the goal of equal opportunities and implements digital ethics in its IT.

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Hager Group

Greater Reach and Acceptance for the "Hager Group live" Intranet

T-Systems MMS is helping the Hager Group to increase the number of users of its intranet "Hager Group live" and to inspire them to use it.

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TÜV Rheinland

Intuitive Operation of New Tool with Smart User Guide

The digital learning assistant WalkMe supports TÜV Rheinland in introducing a complex IT solution.

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Mister Spex

Customer Service under a magnifying glass: Mister Spex relies on the strengths of the Genesys Cloud

Further development of service offering and quality for excellent customer service from Mister Spex with the help of the Genesys Cloud.

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Nord Ost West Informationstechnik GmbH

AI-Supported Monitoring for the Entire IT Environment

Thanks to Dynatrace, IT service provider NOW IT can monitor and optimize the entire container-based IT environment with all applications using AI.

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Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Deutschland

Getting Coke into the Bottle: Remote Support via HoloLens 2

Optimal support for problems with beverage filling systems thanks to Mixed Reality and Microsoft HoloLens 2.

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Automated Quality Control Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Due to AI-based optical quality control, fiber-reinforced plastics can be produced much more efficiently.

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Digital General Assembly with legally sound voting

With the support of T-Systems MMS, the Liability Association was able to conduct its members' meeting digitally and pass legally sound resolutions.

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VEGA Grieshaber KG

Search engine and conversion optimization in digital marketing

Digital marketing at VEGA: Search engine marketing with a focus on UX optimization and targeted campaign planning increase visibility.

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ASK Chemicals

New Work Due to New Intranet

A uniform Group-wide intranet based on SharePoint Online ensures efficient collaboration worldwide.

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Secure video conferencing system for schools in Hesse

Hessian schools get BigBlueButton, a secure and DSGVO-compliant video conferencing system with connection to the Moodle learning platform.

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A contemporary appearance for VACOM thanks to e-business platform

The e-business platform, which combines corporate website and webshop, gives VACOM GmbH a modern face with its new brand representation.

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Deutsche Messe AG

To Experience HANNOVER MESSE Digitally

Worldwide broadcast of the first digital HANNOVER MESSE via live and on-demand video stream.

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After Corporate Merger: Microsoft 365 for Improved Teamwork

Thanks to a successful change management, Microsoft 365 improves internal collaboration and contributes to the merging of DREWAG and ENSO to form SachsenEnergie.

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Automated import of catalog data thanks to Servicetrace X1 Robotic Solution

Thanks to RPA Bot, catalog data is automatically available in the database of the planning software.

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Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden

RPA optimizes processes in the financial industry

The use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) simplifies and accelerates internal processes while saving significant costs.

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Schwan Cosmetics

Flawless customer centricity thanks to sales digitization with Salesforce

Schwan Cosmetics is responding to market dynamics and increasing individualization of customer requirements with the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

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GARBE Industrial Real Estate GmbH

Microsoft Dynamics 365 as digital foundation for core business processes in the real estate sector

GARBE has set itself the goal of digitizing the entire value chain of a property, including the underlying processes.

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Method Park Holding AG

TISAX® certification ensures compliance with industry standards

Method Park Holding and three subsidiaries achieve TISAX® certification based on VDA ISA with the support of T-Systems MMS.

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Process automation in order management through AI-supported text analysis

Error-free and immediate entry of customer orders through automation of the order process based on the Semasuite® text analysis platform.

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Agile collaboration based on the DevOps principle for reliable solutions

As a reliable partner, T-Systems MMS creates stability, speed and agility for all congstar business services.

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KWS Saat

Globally uniform processes and tools for recruiting

Efficient recruiting thanks to SAP SuccessFactors leads to optimal application processes.

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Bilstein Group

Central sales management with digital customer file

With the introduction of a uniform CRM, sales processes of the bilstein group are more efficient and sales and marketing collaborate closely.

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Buying real estate shares in the webshop

A customer portal with webshop for private investors who want to invest easily and securely digitally in an investment of value from real estate shares.

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Modern administration thanks to digital services

With the Serviceportal.NRW, the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia is making further progress on its way to becoming a digital citizens' office.

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Deutsche Energie-Agentur

Explicit identification of all components in the digital energy system

The "Blockchain Machine Identity Ledger" serves as a device identity ledger for energy assets in the digital energy system.

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Bundeskunsthalle Bonn

Augmented Reality: WHEN ART COMES TO LIFE

The paintings of the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn are put into a new perspective and made tangible by means of AR and holographic images.

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Intelligent Application Monitoring for modern SAAS-Solutions

Higher reliability, performance and usability - thanks to the highly automated application performance monitoring solution based on Dynatrace.

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HanseWerk Natur

HanseWerk Natur puts energy into digital customer service from the home office

Digital solution that ensures both the maintenance of service hotlines and employee health for HanseWerk.

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GlobalFoundries Dresden

Predictive maintenance for semiconductor production

Sensor-based monitoring of high-purity water valves in chip manufacturing ensures uninterrupted production.

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Apogepha Pharmaceuticals

Security Awareness Training against data espionage

The simulated phishing mail test shows vulnerabilities and increases the vigilance of all employees.

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Karl Heinz Arnold GmbH

More Time for Individual Service due to Salesforce B2B-Onlineshop

Thanks to the integration of a modern B2B online store via Salesforce, customers are better reached and there is more time for individual service.

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BMW Group

Future-proof standardization of web presence thanks to Adobe Experience Manager

Standardization of web content management and web cloud platform enables consolidation of all BMW Group brands with efficient use of resources.

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REMONDIS Digital Services

Remote diagnosis to improve road safety

Camera data from waste collection vehicles enables detection and targeted elimination of deficiencies in the road environment.

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Krones AG

Automated processes in the back office due to Servicetrace-X1

Unattended bots take over invoice verification in purchasing and thus increase efficiency.

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Optimized Administration Services by E-Government

Building applications can be submitted digitally to the relevant authority and information on regulations can be accessed via the Bauportal.NRW.

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Meiko Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Important Impulses for a stronger Customer Orientation

MEIKO's customer experience is no longer an unknown quantity - now it can be systematically, steadily improved.

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DAK Healthcare

Health for customers and employees - DAK customer service goes home office!

Provision of the complex telephony structure at the home office workstations for DAK-Gesundheit customer service.

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Reliable Cloud Application Management

New technologies and restructuring of IT collaboration ensure the reliability of ARD's on-demand services.

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The heart of the store beats thanks to HCL Commerce

New webshop with many extension options for our customer heine. The cloud-enabled e-commerce solution can now deploy and manage container applications thanks to Kubernetes infrastructure.

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IDK Kleinjohann

Establishing Sustainable Communication on Digital Piles

Optimization of internal and external communication using Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 CRM.

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Stadtwerke Eisenberg

Customer Loyalty and Process Efficiency Through Successful System Combination

Implementation of a future-proof service portal based on Intershop Enfinity 6.4, which meets the requirements of the legislator.

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Wacker Chemie

Unily social intranet as entry point for the digital workplace

With the new WACKER GLOBE social Intranet based on Unily Wacker goes a further step on the way to the digital workplace.

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Vilua Healthcare

Seamless Customer Communication for Improved Maintenance Quality due to Sales Platform

Uniform and customer-centric orientation and optimization of workplace health promotion focus on customer benefits.

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Playful knowledge-transfer via app

An augmented reality app playfully awakens interest in the decentralized and digitally organized energy world of tomorrow.

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University Medicine Mainz

Reduction of bureaucracy thanks to Internet of Things

Nursing documentation via IoT service button and app reduces bureaucracy for clinical nursing staff.

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Stadtwerke Rostock

Online Presence for Stadtwerke Rostock

Modern CMS system enables online offering of the service portfolio and meets legislative requirements.

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Magenta Telekom (T-Mobile Austria)

Stepping into Austria's digital future with a new CMS

Thanks to Adobe Experience Manager, the website is now more customizable, more powerful, and more user-friendly.

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Optimization of an Integrated Management System

Quality management system ensures competitiveness through compliance with ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 22301 standards.

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Zentrum Bayern Familie und Soziales

Barrier-free access based on up-to-date standards

To enable all citizens to have access to relevant information and online services a barrier-free website was designed that corresponds to legal requirements.

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Improved collaboration and extended knowledge exchange

The implementation of Microsoft Teams improved cross-location collaboration and knowledge exchange throughout the entire organization.

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Creating an efficient HR management based on SAP Success Factors

GASAGs central, cloud-based platform implements an efficient recruiting and learning management system in a completely new way.

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Automated Processes through SAP

In order to improve competition capability, the SAP application delivers a daily and customer-centric sales analysis as mobile reporting via app.

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Revolutionising gastronomy through smart glasses

Creating special experiences by the use of smart glasses that are containing individual NFC chips to ensure smart interactions between guests, gastronomers and breweries.

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Satisfied Customers

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