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Playful Knowledge Transfer via App

Bayernwerk has been an important player in the energy industry for over a hundred years. Securing the energy supply in large parts of the Free State has top priority. Bayernwerk also offers a comprehensive range of energy services. The company already transports around 60 percent renewable energy in its grid.
In order to drive the energy transition forward, Bayernwerk launched a digitization offensive. As part of this, T-Systems MMS developed the "Energy.Future" app. This playfully illustrates and entertainingly conveys the digital future of energy to children and adults. The app uses virtual and augmented reality content for a modern form of communication.

Customer Benefits

Creation of a digital tool for the playful communication of energy topics

Possibility of presenting corporate focus topics, as an active driver of the energy transition

Alignment of content contributions with a focus on customer concerns

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    Anna Zwicknagel, Bayernwerk Netz GmbH, Project Manager App Energy.Future

    „With this app, Bayernwerk's involvement in shaping the energy world of tomorrow is explained in a clear and very informative way. The mixed reality content is fun and arouses curiosity about the energy future.“

Reference overview


Presentation of a future energy landscape organized decentrally and digitally by Bayernwerk.



Development of an app with augmented and virtual reality 3D content for playful engagement with the topic of energy.



Creation of attention and awareness for energy topics among different target groups in an innovative way.


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    Awakening Interest in the Energy Cycle

    Within Bayernwerk's comprehensive digitization strategy, the "Flower.Power energy concept" project is the part that deals with the future image of the energy landscape in Bavaria. The aim of the concept is to focus primarily on regional energy supply. According to this, regions with high consumption are to be networked with regional producers and synchronized in time by the year 2030. And since citizens help shape the future energy landscape with their individual decisions in the areas of electricity, heating and mobility, Bayernwerk wants to use a modern app to give its customers a playful understanding of the entire energy cycle, from energy generation to purchase. At the same time, Bayernwerk's role as a modern network operator and pioneer in sustainable energy generation is to be strengthened in the public perception

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    App Containing AR and MR Content Brings the Future Closer in a Playful Way

    T-Systems MMS developed a mobile app for Android and iOS operating systems based on a comic-style hidden object. The various stations of the energy cycle are depicted on it in different stories, for example in a network control center or on the topics of smart homes and electromobility. The app user can zoom into each of the nine stories, which are then displayed in 3D on a projection surface, for example on a table. The individual scenes are modular with augmented reality content built from low-polygon models. The app user can move through the scene and thus feels part of the action. Here, T-Systems MMS focuses on gamification and immersion in virtual content. Intuitively and easily, the user can learn more about each station. The app is controlled via a minimal user interface. In the longer term, the app can serve as the basis for further applications.

About Bayernwerk

Bayernwerk AG manages the companies of the Bayernwerk Group. These take care of customer solutions, modern and secure energy grids, electromobility, decentralized energy generation or drinking water supply and wastewater disposal. The Bayernwerk Group supports the people of Bavaria in the local energy transition and promotes economic strength and quality of life in the Bavarian regions. Bayernwerk AG is headquartered in Regensburg. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the E.ON Group.

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