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Central Sales Steering by Digital Customer File

Capture contacts, add visiting protocols and target product campaigns: Sales and marketing of the bilstein group do all this in one system. Account managers and marketing managers can be stored directly in the tool and tasks can be delegated to employees. Since the globally active medium-sized company introduced a globally uniform CRM, sales processes have become more efficient and sales and marketing collaborate closely.

Reference overview


The local subsidiaries of the bilstein group often managed important customer data in a decentralised manner, which made it impossible to have a uniform view of customers. The result: inefficient sales processes and no centralized access to customers and figures for targeted marketing.


The enterprise group installed the Salesforce Sales and Marketing Cloud together with Telekom. Employees now record customer data and the communication process between sales and customers in a flexible, cloud-based CRM system.


The common data base for all customers and contact persons enables cross-departmental and cross-country collaboration. Sales and marketing benefited from the unified view of customers and work together more efficiently and transparently.

  • Integrated CRM instead of isolated solution

    Until now, the 21 subsidiaries and the local sales units of the bilstein group have operated largely independently of each other. Distributors often manage important customer data on a decentralised basis. When the next customer visit should take place and which new products were popular with which customers, often only the responsible contact person knew. The result: Inconsistent customer data, inefficient sales processes and no centralized access to information and statistics for targeted marketing. In order to be able to handle new contacts and customer requests better, the company decided to introduce a Group-wide CRM system.

  • Full transparency and improved collaboration

    Together with Deutsche Telekom, the bilstein group was looking for a CRM solution with a good user experience and suitable interfaces to the existing ERP system – which is why the decision was made in favour of the Salesforce Sales Cloud. After the introduction of a first, largely standardized CRM solution with 50 users from France and Germany, the bilstein group gradually expanded the CRM system to include new applications, data and user licenses. Today, 200 users from sales and marketing work with CRM software from the cloud. In addition to customer data and the communication process between sales and customers, users can now directly create tasks in CRM across departments and countries, assign colleagues, adjust appointments and view and manage the sales pipeline at any time.

  • Custom-made Marketing from the Cloud

    In order to integrate marketing and sales more closely, the company also uses the Marketing Cloud. The tool is used, among other things, to record lead at trade fairs. Employees collect two essential information in digital forms: the contact details of potential new customers and which areas of the bilstein group portfolio are of particular interest to them. The answers can be entered into the CRM at the push of a button. This saves time and is less prone to errors. The cloud-based platform also enables the marketing team to send integrated emails to leads and contacts and create personalized newsletters based on customer information stored in the CRM system. Inconsistent customer master data and data silos are now a thing of the past: A dashboard allows any department to view existing customer data – from contracts and sales to invitations and conversion rates.

bilstein group - Spare Parts Specialist With In-House Production

With 21 subsidiaries and representatives in more than 170 countries, Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG is one of the world’s leading manufacturer-independent suppliers of automotive spare parts. Founded in 1844, the seventh-generation family-run company offers more than 60,000 different spare parts for professional vehicle repair. The manufacturer and supplier combines the well-known product brands febi, SWAG and Blue Print under the umbrella of the bilstein group.

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