B2C market developed with tailor-made website

Customer Benefits

Developing the B2C market with the new target group of patients


Simplified, decentralized editing of the country presences taking into account cultural particularities


34% more returning visitors, 30% lower bounce rate


  • Responsive design, decentralised editing and individual content


    Individual content & global visibility

    BIOTRONIK is known around the world for its pacemakers and defibrillators. Previously, the medical technology manufacturer's online presence was limited to product information for hospitals and physicians. Sales were usually handled by sales managers in the respective countries. Digitalisation however has significantly increased the importance of the company's website: physicians and purchasers in hospitals now use digital channels far more often. The same applies to patients: they are far better informed and increasingly involved in the purchasing process today.
    The aim of the new website was therefore to provide not only physicians and purchasers with information that could be quickly found online; BIOTRONIK also wanted its relaunched site to address patients as a new target group. Further requested features included the ability to easily create specific campaigns, measure and evaluate them with KPIs via the web platform.
    The brief also included comprehensively redeveloping the technical aspects of BIOTRONIK's website. Previously, the site's content could only be managed from the company's headquarters in Berlin – a clear disadvantage for a medium-sized company operating globally in very individual markets. BIOTRONIK therefore wanted editors to be able to manage country-specific content locally.

  • Solution

    Tailor-made website with state-of-the-art content management system

    The website relaunch was the first building block in implementing the new digital corporate strategy. BIOTRONIK chose not to proceed in the standard manner, but instead began with a thorough analysis and design phase for which not only top management and other internal stakeholders, but also patients were extensively surveyed.
    The result is impressive: the website now provides physicians and purchasers with the information that is relevant to them, while patients as a new target group find careful explanations and information on treatment options – presented in emotionally appealing colours and imagery. The design concepts also account for the cultural specifics of the various countries: BIOTRONIK customers in Asia for example respond well to family imagery, whereas in other regions medical-style product images are more popular.
    As 40 percent of page visits now come from mobile devices, the website was additionally given a responsive design that allows its content to be displayed without issues even on mobile devices.
    Finally, T-Systems MMS implemented a state-of-the-art content management system at BIOTRONIK with which the national companies can display precisely tailored local content themselves and thus better account for cultural specifics.

  • Benefits

    B2C market unlocked, sales department supported

    With its website relaunch and new product pages BIOTRONIK has expanded its target market, which was previously oriented to B2B customers, to include end customers. The site also reduces the workload of the sales department, offering physicians and hospital staff extensive information on the company's products ahead of sales talks. The local editorial departments can now operate more freely and publish content individually for the respective cultural areas. Editing itself has also become more convenient: easy-to-use tools save time.
    Thanks to search engine optimisation, the BIOTRONIK website is now also easier to find online, and has met with a very positive response from users: compared to the previous site, the bounce rate has dropped from 60 to around 30 percent, while the number of return visits has climbed from 26 to 60 percent. The product campaign pages also receive more attention: their percentage of visitors has risen from 17 to 31 percent. BIOTRONIK is also very pleased that 12 percent of visitors have accessed information on local partners – compared to 4 percent on the old website. BIOTRONIK's assessment is accordingly positive.

  • Hannah Willemsen, Senior Manager Online Communications

    "With the launch of our new website we have successfully taken a first step towards establishing patient communication."
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About Biotronik

BIOTRONIK SE & Co. KG, headquartered in Berlin, is a globally operating healthcare company offering products and services for the medical care of people with cardiovascular diseases. Patients' well-being is always the company's first priority. Preserving life and improving patients' quality of life has been driving BIOTRONIK's work for over 50 years, enabling patients around the world to be optimally cared for by their doctors.

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