Buying real estate shares in the webshop

Bloxxter is a fintech startup founded in 2019 that aims to make investing in real estate as easy as shopping online. To this end, Bloxxter offers registered customers the opportunity to purchase shares in participating properties from a minimum value of €500 via a webshop. Bloxxter has thus created a fundamentally new investment model that allows everyone to easily, quickly and digitally invest directly in high-quality real estate in the form of premium real estate, without intermediary brokers. The rights to the real estate are transferred to the investors using security tokens. Bloxxter T-Systems MMS has taken on board the customer platform through which interested parties can register and make purchases, as well as the back office solution used by the Bloxter team to manage investments.

Benefit for our Customer

Technical Implementation of the Customer Portal and Back Office

Connection of different interfaces in compliance with financial regulations

Integration of cryptocurrency alongside other common means of payment

  • Uwe Heldt, Chief Technical Officer Bloxxter

    „T-Systems MMS is our rock in the surf. In the agile development and implementation of our ideas for this completely new form of investment, T-Systems MMS provides us with reliable and individually tailored solutions according to our requirements“

Reference at a Glance


The new form of investment via investment in real estate shares is to be provided by a web shop with a customer portal.


A Microsoft Azure Cloud platform as a basis with different interfaces to third parties and service providers as well as customized back office.


A customer portal with an easy-to-use webshop that accepts cryptocurrency in addition to common payment methods, a customer self-service portal that complies with financial regulations and a back office for Bloxxter employees.


    Buying real estate shares as easy as shopping shoes

    Bloxxter launched in 2019 with the aim of reinventing investment with a fairer sharing of wealth. The real estate shares should be digitally accessible and re-saleable for private investors. Therefore, a customer portal should be created, through which customers can easily place and manage their investments. For the purchase, not only the usual payment methods (bank transfer, credit card, Klarna) should be available, but also the possibility to pay by cryptocurrency. The implementation of regulatory requirements for different countries, the alignment of sanction lists and the integration of many interfaces were part of the challenges.
    The back office for Bloxxter employees should allow both - manual verification of orders and a high degree of automation in the management of customers, orders, and payments.

  • Solution

    Investing Easily and Securely via Webshop and Microsoft Azure

    The real estate investment is carried out via tokenization of the real estate shares in the blockchain. T-Systems MMS has set up corresponding interfaces for this purpose. One interface, for example, integrates a minting tool for issuing the security tokens. Other interfaces are required for various providers, such as for the payment of various payment service providers, for a know-your-customer provider and a wallet provider, as well as for sanctions and terror lists against which customer data is automatically checked. The integration of all interfaces can be easily mapped via the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.
    Bloxxter would like to add more properties to the portal in the long term and grow into a marketplace. The implemented solution of customer portal and back office offers the necessary scope for this.

  • Benefit

    Flexible Solution for a Variety of Requirements

    The development of the new business idea, the regulatory requirements for financial service providers, legal changes, changes in the real estate market and also among financial service providers: the volatility of the entire process can be absorbed with the platform based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and was quickly implemented by T-Systems MMS. The result for customers is an easy-to-use, intuitive portal that can be used to process purchases and sales - with maximum convenience and security.
    The employees can use the individually developed back-office solution to manage customers, purchases, payments, real estate and bonus campaigns, both with manual checks and automatically.

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  • Client portal: Digital safe deposit box
  • Back office: Dashboard
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About Bloxxter

Bloxxter is a financial services company founded in 2019 and is located in Hamburg, Germany. Bloxxter reinvents investing so that truly everyone has the opportunity to invest their money in exceptional real estate, fairly and independently. All founding members have accumulated over 20 years of expertise prior to Bloxxter and have already managed more than 15 billion euros for private and institutional investors, as well as placed more than three billion euros of equity for real estate investments.

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