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Digital Condition Diagnostics of Freight Wagons

For its pan-European activities, a freight rail cargo service provider uses its fleet throughout the continent. Detecting damage to freight wagons at an early stage is essential for smooth and efficient operation. T-Systems MMS has developed an application to detect damage during operation. For this purpose, image data are used, for example, during bridge crossings. In this way, repair orders can be placed in a timely manner and the respective wagon can be brought to the workshop faster.

Customer benefit

Reduced downtime of freight wagons due to efficient damage collection

Lower personnel costs allow cost savings

Faster, optimized process sequences thanks to digitalized diagnostics

Reference Summary


Creation of a user interface with which the damage detection and repair ordering of freight wagons, previously carried out during routine maintenance work, can be carried out digitally.



A user-friendly front-end portal that allows employees to identify damage to wagons using high-resolution photos and initiate the repair process.



With the digital diagnostics of freight wagons, processes are simplified, accelerated and downtime is reduced.


  • Requirements

    Digitizing Processes, Increasing Efficiency

    For the logistics service provider, thousands of wagons are in use every day for the transport of all kinds of goods. Good maintenance and damage-free condition of the wagons are essential for a safe, regulated operation.
    Up to now, damage has been assessed by personal inspection during the run-off or departure of the wagons on the tracks. The order to transport damaged wagons to a suitable workshop took a lot of time, because it involved an enormous amount of effort – both financially and in terms of personnel. To speed up this process, the cargo company initiated a digitization project. In future, the data obtained by imaging techniques should be displayed in a web application and made available to the workshop in charge of repairing the wagon. For the development of a user-friendly frontend, the international transport and logistics company engaged the digital service provider T-Systems MMS on board.

  • Solution

    Accelerated damage assessment thanks to user-centered application

    In a simple and intuitive portal, damage investigators can view, zoom and edit high-resolution photos. The images are taken by cameras along the route - from the superstructure, the base and the roof. This is possible thanks to modern web and deep zoom technology based on the open source library “OpenSeadragon.”
    In addition, the experts at T-Systems MMS developed a middleware that communicates with the portal. It consolidates the interfaces of the backend, caches data and offers encrypted user authentication and authorization based on the system’s native Active Directory.

  • Benefit

    Time and cost savings due to to digitized diagnostics

    With the newly developed application, freight wagons can now be inspected much faster and damage detected: The detection and marking of anomalies on wagons is possible from the office workstation without having to leave the freight wagons with special vehicles or run off by pedes. Paper-based technology is being replaced by digital data acquisition and storage, which means that processes can be found much faster. As a result, in addition to material and personnel costs, the downtime for maintenance and repairs is reduced, as these tasks can be planned better and the freight wagons are available more quickly.

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