Automated Processes Through SAP

Collonil is a midsize traditional and family-owned company founded in Berlin in 1909 and sells over 600 products worldwide for shoe, leather and textile care, from shoe polish to impregnation spray. Consulting and service are placed centre stage here. Employees are always personally available for their customers to guide them through the comprehensive product range. However, more than 100 years of experience have also taught us that there is no standstill. This is why Collonil wanted to develop an individual digital strategy to further optimize sales. Mobile dashboards, which provide access to up-to-date and customer-specific data even when on the road, were central milestones in Collonil's digital sales strategy. In addition to personal experience, em-ployees should be able to make stronger use of data-based analyses in order to make even more individualized offers - automatically. To achieve this, T-Systems MMS was taken on board.

Time saving through automated data analysis, manual effort is no longer necessary


Daily updated and customer-specific reports are available to the representatives in the field


Employees can combine personal experience and data-based analyses in sales



„For our representatives in the field, Mobile Reporting is a gift -
they can immediately show their customers all the necessary data on turnover and demand and provide them with optimal advice.“

Lutz Kemsies, Sales Manager Collonil



Reference overview


Improve competitiveness and increase profit margin by digital sales optimization.


Mobile reporting via SAP Mobile BI which allows access to daily updated sales and product data even when on the road.


Sales optimization in the form of targeted assortment maintenance and improved product placement. As a result, product sales can be increased according to individual local conditions, which ultimately increases sales and profits for Collonil.

  • Requirements

    Digital support of sales structures

    How many products are currently available? Why does the impregnation spray sell better at one location than at another? Which products generally perform worse or better? All these questions, key figures and evaluations have so far been created by Collonil employees in a time-consuming and manual process. They evaluated all sales figures by hand, analyzed them and finally sent them to the field staff days later. They use the data as a basis for customer meetings. The process was to be speeded up and automated noticeably in order to have up-to-date data available at all times and to optimize the sales process.

  • Solution

    Automated data evaluation on mobile devices for the field service

    The agile project team of T-Systems MMS and Collonil worked together in a spirit of partnership and trust to develop a precise requirements analysis with corresponding company goals. It was immediately clear that the sales department needed faster access to daily updated sales and turnover figures, and that they also needed to be able to do this while on the road in the field. SAP Business Objects was used to create reports that provided access to the product and sales figures of Collonil's SAP ERP system. By using the Mo-bile BI App from SAP, Collonil employees are able to access the reports from on the road and via tablet. All relevant figures and analyses from the ERP are clearly and automatically evaluated according to sales territories, are stored in the app and provide the basis for individual and needs-based consulting on the product portfolio.

  • Benefits

    Manual data processing parallel to daily business has come to an end

    The now automated process eliminates the need for manual analysis, which in turn increases efficiency and provides employees with important data in the field faster. Using tablets, they always have up-to-date access to relevant analyses, which can be individually displayed and used in sales and consulting discussions with customers. The customers in turn receive tailor-made advice based on their sales and billing data. The marketing measures can now also be more individualized due to the improved data basis, which enables Collonil to further boost sales.

About Collonil

With the Collonil brand, the Berlin-based company with a long tradition has developed into the market leader for shoe, leather and textile care in the German specialist shoe trade since 1909. The product portfolio comprises around 600 products, from shoe polish to impregnating spray, which are produced by Salzenbrodt GmbH & Co.KG in Berlin. Collonil has companies in Austria, Denmark, France and the United Arab Emirates and exports its products to 93 countries in all regions of the world.

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