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Agile Collaboration According to the DevOps Principle for Reliable Solutions

Congstar was launched in 2007 as a telecommunications start-up and has evolved into a mobile communications and DSL provider with around 200 employees and around five million customers. Behind Congstar is a complex IT infrastructure with various environments for the diverse services: Since the beginning of the long-term collaboration in 2009, T-Systems MMS has evolved from a service provider for a stable and reliable platform to a reliable, agile partner for the secure and stable operation of all business services and their innovation.

Benefit for our Customer

Reliability in the areas of quality, stability and speed

Relationship of trust based on partnership results in good cooperation

Long-term cooperation based on profound knowledge of business processes

Christina Kiehl, Managing Director congstar

„In our long cooperation, we have grown together.
T-Systems MMS knows exactly what we need and we can rely on IT solutions and develop them further together."

Reference at a Glance


Reliable provider of IT solutions for all business services with partnership collaboration.


Adapting processes, organisation and corporate culture with agile collaboration to DevOps culture.


T-Systems MMS is Trusted Advisor and is responsible for the IT infrastructure and platforms for all congstar operations.

  • Requirements

    Establishing a Relationship of Trust, Thinking Along with Business Processes

    A story that startet with the support of the platform at the beginning of the collaboration has developed into a constantly evolving, complex infrastructure of different systems over the years, which T-Systems MMS is responsible for. All business processes run through the systems, so stability, reliability and data security according to Deutsche Telekom’s data protection guidelines as well are relevant for congstar’s business. In addition, the end customers also benefit from the speed and the continuous development of the services. congstar can count on the extensive technical expertise of the operating teams with the development teams, as all technical requirements are already within reach and no longer distributed among different service providers.

  • Solution

    Agile and Cooperative due to DevOps

    T-Systems MMS is fully integrated into congstar's business services. To ensure that collaboration is agile and based on partnership, the separation of responsibilities between development and operations with clearly defined interfaces has changed in favor of a collaborative DevOps approach. Now, operations and development share responsibility for congstar's business processes. Team communication between T-Systems MMS and congstar contributes to partnership and successful further development.

  • Benefit

    Collaborative Partnership Creates Trust and New Solutions

    Thanks to T-Systems MMS, congstar’s business processes run in a stable, secure and reliable operation. Stability increased five-fold between 2014 and 2020, measured by the average time between failures (MTBF) from around 3,000h to 15,000h. T-Systems MMS manages to continuously address and implement the needs, earning the status of a Trusted Advisor. The nature of the collaboration shows that joint, solution-oriented implementation is in the foreground.
    Thanks to the stability and reliability of the platform, the error rate has fallen significantly, while the number of changes on the platform has increased rapidly. The focus can now be on the new and further development of further solutions.

About Congstar

Since 2007, congstar GmbH, headquartered in Cologne’s Rheinauhafen, has been offering products in the fields of mobile communications and Internet. With around 200 employees, the subsidiary and second brand of Telekom Deutschland GmbH has around five million customers

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