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Better service quality on all channels

With over four-and-a-half million customers, professional support in customer service makes all the difference for success. Since the market launch in 2007, congstar has continuously expanded its offer of service channels for customer contact. The result: a heterogeneous system landscape with high administration costs and time requirements, which also requires the processing of service inquiries that are partially separated according to the various communication channels. T-Systems MMS addressed this problem with a combination of a routing and customer data platform, laying the groundwork for congstar to achieve improved service quality and customer satisfaction.

Benefits to our customers

Improved quality monitoring and informative reporting throughout the entire customer journey

Transformation of a heterogeneous system landscape into a homogeneous one

Customer inquiries are routed across all channels to the appropriate service employee


Central platform in which all customer concerns

Congstar implements its customer service with call centre locations distributed around the country, in which several hundred service agents process customer concerns through the various contact channels. So far, the various sites and contact channels have been linked through multiple systems that are not integrated with each other and have individual routing mechanisms. This quickly became very complex, since the customer service employee cover not only the phone hotline but also process inquiries via e-mail, web form, chat and social media.


With a cross-channel, integrated and central multichannel solution, congstar aimed for the following improvements:

Reduction of costs and resource expenditures by means of simplified system administration and easier licence management

Increase in call centre efficiency by minimising processing times along with multiple processing and training expenditures

Improvement of the analysis and reporting functions throughout the entire customer journey with the goal of optimising the customer experience

Increase in customer satisfaction through optimised, systematic support of the service employees and creation of a 360° view of customer inquiries across all channels

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    Making a little out of a lot – homogenising the systems

    The combination utilised by T-Systems MMS puts the focus on sophisticated routing mechanisms based on a market-proven contact centre solution in the cloud. This solution is combined with another cloud tool: Salesforce. Here the data from the customer dialogue are integrated into the system across all channels.
    In a first step, T-Systems MMS experts replaced congstar’s old system used to process e-mail, fax and letters with the Salesforce Service Cloud. Other communication channels and the data from the old systems were and are also gradually being integrated into the service cloud.

    For several hundred service agents at congstar, the Salesforce service now offers a uniform database of customer records. The extensive integration between Salesforce and the contact centre solution guarantees that the customer inquiries and required reporting are routed in the most efficient way possible.
    To also satisfy congstar’s data protection requirements, the T-Systems subsidiary Multimedia Solutions is relying on a solution from CipherCloud to encrypt the cloud services. The start-up, based in the United States, is supported by Telekom and has already introduced a dedicated solution for the encryption of Salesforce in 2014. The encryption management remains with congstar.

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    Individual support through comprehensive customer understanding

    The introduced solution makes it possible to route customer concerns faster and skill-oriented to the right agent across all channels. The uniform database also gives service employees an insight into all service inquiries from individual customers across all channels. And this in a central system. This comprehensive customer understanding can be integrated into individual solutions that are tailor-made for each respective customer. In addition to increased efficiency, congstar also expects an improvement in the quality of the consultations and customer satisfaction.

    The consecutive reduction of the systems in line with the homogenisation promises further increases in efficiency in the form of shrinking administration and licensing costs, as well as reduced time requirements for processing the customer concerns and training the agents.
    congstar also benefits from improved quality monitoring and the associated, more informative reporting, for example about performances in the call centre, solution rates and response times. The resulting findings will also help analyse the potential for optimisation along the customer journey.

About congstar

Congstar GmbH, as a secondary brand of Telekom Deutschland GmbH, has offered products in the areas of mobile communications, landlines and Internet since 2007. Over four-and-a-half million customers in Germany are currently using a congstar product.

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