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Optimized Administration Services by E-Government

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is meeting the obligation of the Online Access Act (OZG) and converting the administrations of cities and municipalities to digital e-government. For this purpose, the state is working with T-Systems MMS to develop Bauportal.NRW, which provides information on the building permit process, responsibilities, terminology and legal provisions, as well as all official forms. Building applications can be sent electronically to the relevant building supervisory authority, provided that the authorities concerned follow the procedure. In future, building permit procedures will also be handled digitally via the Bauportal.NRW.

Benefits to our customer

Implementation of the Online Access Act


Extensive provision of information


Simplified and digital building permit process


Reference overview


Electronic administrative services within the framework of the Online Access Act Solution.


Information portal with the Drupal 8 based nrwGOV and form management system cit intelliForm.


Extensive provision of information- and formsheets with digital building permit processes.

  • Requirements

    Electronic administration portal for building supervisory authorities

    The Online Access Act (OZG) obliges the federal, state and local governments to offer all administrative services electronically via administrative portals by the end of 2022. This also applies to building applications, building permit procedures and the provision of information and forms for these. Building applications can be submitted online via the building portal and forwarded to the building supervisory authorities. In this way, a large number of complex application procedures can be gradually digitized, flexibly expanded and adapted to changes in the law. For example, the portal integrates external systems such as Servicekonto. NRW and Governicus for inter-authority collaboration.

  • Solution

    Portal for targetgroup-oriented Information and Services

    The project Bauportal.NRW is being implemented in stages on the basis of the open source content management system Drupal 8. Initially, information will be provided on the building permit process, responsibilities and related terminology, legal provisions and all important regulations, notices, recommendations and bulletins of the supreme building supervisory authority, as well as all official forms and pre-printed forms. In addition, the portal offers citizens, companies, architects and civil engineers basic information on urban land use planning. Urban land use plans of cities and municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia available online are also linked in the portal. External systems such as the state content management system nrwGOV and the form management system cit intelliForm are also integrated. In the next step, the application process for the simple building permit procedure will be expanded online. After that, a collaboration platform will be created for communication and the exchange of templates, statements and documents between building supervisory authorities, building owners and planners.

  • Benefits

    Simplified Building Permit Procedure and accelerated Processes

    The processes around building application and permit processes become simple and transparent. Thanks to the comprehensive exchange of information, the provision of all necessary forms and the digital application wizard, the Bauportal.NRW now serves as a central platform on the issue of building. In the future, all construction documents can be filled out and submitted electronically, and all parties involved in the process are integrated. The portal is flexible and can be continuously adapted to changing legal conditions, so that all integrated procedures are up to date. The digital building permit process thus improves the framework conditions for building, and all processes are accelerated. Both applicants and the authority benefit from this.

About d-NRW

As part of the Online Access Act, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Municipal Affairs, Building and Equality of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia has begun to implement administrative services electronically via administrative portals. The d-NRW AöR is a public law institution. The common sponsors are the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the municipalities, districts and regional associations of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The institution supports its sponsors and other public agencies in the use of information technology in public administration.

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