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Reducing the CO₂ consumption via App

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions plays a key role in achieving climate objectives. Experts estimate the potential savings in employee mobility at 20 percent. Developed by T-Systems MMS, the CO₂ app provides companies with an overview of the CO₂ emissions of their employees during business trips and on the way to work – including employees of the Deutsche Telekom Group.

Benefit for our customer

Achievement of climate targets and lower costs of compensation

Lower emissions due to increased environmental awareness

Monitoring the company-wide carbon footprint in relation to mobility

  • Katrin Kordes, Competitive Workforce Management, Group Headquarters, Deutsche Telekom

    „We started with the idea of a CO₂ app for employees to raise awareness about CO₂ emissions on the way to work. From this, T-Systems MMS has developed a comprehensive enterprise solution for more sustainability that makes a huge contribution to achieving our sustainability goals.“

Reference at a glance


Development of a solution to determine CO₂ emissions during business trips and commuting



Enterprise platform that collects and analyzes CO₂ emissions across the company via app



Identification of potential savings in mobility management


  • Requirements

    Reaching climate targets by sustainable mobility management

    National climate legislation, self-imposed sustainability goals and self-commitments, such as climate neutrality, require a reliable overview of the CO₂ emissions of companies. Indirect emissions are a challenge, which are difficult to measure and influence. This also includes employee mobility, i. e. CO₂ emissions when travelling for business purposes and on the way to work.
    To replace complex commuter surveys, Deutsche Telekom commissioned its subsidiary T-Systems MMS to develop a digital solution for active mobility management. The aim is to enable Group employees to simply record their mobility data themselves.

  • Solution

    Simple recording of mobility via app

    The core element of EcoShift is the CO₂ app for employees. In the mobile application, users enter business trips and their daily commute on a voluntary basis. For this purpose, they receive vehicle-related information on CO₂ emissions for the respective route. For comparison, the CO₂ value that would have been generated by using other means of transport such as bus, train or bicycle is displayed.
    The app automatically detects journeys and means of transport, whereby several vehicles can also be stored. As future features, the app developers at T-Systems MMS plan to store carpools and duplicate and archive rides, as well as use the app on the SmartWatch.

    Employee mobility data collected via app is anonymously merged in the EcoShift platform and displayed on a dashboard. The data sets are used by Deutsche Telekom management as a basis for determining the actual indirect emissions in the mobility sector that arise in the company’s value chain (Scope 3). The evaluation functions allow further observations, such as a HotSpot analysis for specific locations. As a result, company-specific measures for CO₂ reduction can be derived.
    Due to open interfaces, it is also possible to connect third-party systems. This could be, for example, booking systems for business travel. Functional extensions are also possible. Gamification elements can also be used to initiate competitions in the future.

  • Benefits

    More transparency and climate awareness, less CO₂

    Estimates or extensive surveys have been necessary to record employee mobility. The application now provides Deutsche Telekom with reliable data based on specific emissions. This not only increases transparency; the cloud-based solution also makes an important contribution to a complete carbon footprint in the context of corporate sustainability reporting. It enables the company to achieve its climate and sustainability goals faster – such as climate neutrality by 2040.
    Ultimately, Deutsche Telekom can also use the solution to reduce or avoid compensation payments.
    It also contributes to a greater awareness of sustainability among employees in compliance with compliance standards by showing their personal carbon footprint. As a result, employees throughout the Group, including T-Systems MMS, can directly change their mobility behaviour and thus save CO₂.
    The sustainability solution EcoShift with its CO₂ app has been awarded the “Green Magenta” label by Deutsche Telekom. The jury was impressed by the proven impact of the platform in achieving climate goals.

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