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Mobile App Reaches all Employees

With 400 million parcels a year, DPD is one of the largest parcel and express service providers in Germany. The previously used intranet of DPD Deutschland GmbH no longer met today's requirements for a modern working world. The logistics company was therefore looking for a new solution that enables an employee-oriented, end-to-end employee experience. DPD opted for the Staffbase employee app and the expertise of T-Systems MMS in the implementation.

Customer Benefit

All employees are reached, commercial employees receive mobile access to the intranet for the first time

Seamless integration of the intranet into the digital workplace

Future-proof, flexible solution for more interaction and participation

  • Michaela Weiß, Manager Internal Relations & Corporate Publishing at DPD Deutschland GmbH

    „T-Systems MMS not only supported us professionally in the technical implementation of the project, but also brought experience and competence in other areas, such as communication and change strategy."

Reference Summary


Design and implementation of an employee-centric intranet platform to improve the employee experience.



Project management, technical and technical consulting as well as implementation of an intranet based on Staffbase including extensions by Employee Experience Plugins.



For the first time, participation and exchange opportunities for all employees in real time on a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform; simple, modern and efficient ways of creating content.


  • Requirements

    Cutting-Edge Communication Platform for all Employees

    The intranet previously used by DPD was based on a classic hierarchical approach and was oriented towards existing organizational structures. Within departmental and departmental boundaries, it was primarily used as an information pool and document repository. But today's digital world of work places different demands on a modern platform: Employee orientation and improving the employee experience come to the forefront. The first step was to reach all employees, including those who work in the depots and whose main sources of information were the bulletin board and the employee magazine. In addition, the feeling of belonging between employees should be strengthened.
    In addition, leaner and faster editorial processes were on DPD's wish list, as was the option of being able to use the app-based solution also on smartphones.

  • Solution

    Achieving active exchange with Staffbase

    When evaluating various solutions, DPD opted for Staffbase’s employee communication platform, which is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. This allows for easy scaling and also allows for quick expansion. T-Systems MMS took over the role of the implementation service provider in the implementation of the solution. In the initial phase, the Employee Communication Experts identified the specific use cases and objectives of the various DPD corporate divisions and conducted on-site and remote discussions at the locations. In accordance with the proven Lean Workplace consulting approach, the needs of the different employee groups were derived, clustered and prioritized and specific use cases were defined, which formed the basis for the implementation concept.
    In accordance with these requirements, the software was adapted, existing content was migrated to the new platform and the solution was integrated into the DPD tool landscape. In addition, extensions developed by T-Systems MMS, such as surveys and quizzes, were integrated. During the technical implementation, particular attention was paid to ensuring that employees could use the app quickly and with few hurdles. Employees with fixed office workstations can access the content in real time via single sign-on and commercial employees with their own username, password and their own mobile device.

  • Benefit

    Increased Reach and Acceptance

    Commercial employees now also have access to the new intranet in real time. It invites exchange and discussion. The plugins developed by T-Systems MMS also enable interaction as in a social network. Well-informed employees and the opportunity to actively participate in the company's internal communication are key to motivation and identification with the company.
    With the new Intranet, DPD is laying the foundation for a modern corporate culture and the further development of the digital workplace.
    With appropriate tools, content owners can initiate discussions faster and publish information faster. Topics are conceived and produced across departments in order to appeal to more users. A concept that is well received by employees just a few weeks after the launch of the intranet. With the new Intranet, DPD is ideally positioned in terms of content and technology.

About DPD Deutschland GmbH

With an annual output of 400 million parcels, DPD is number two in the parcel market in Germany. The company operates 79 depots and 7,500 parcel shops nationwide. 9,500 employees and 13,000 delivery staff ensure that the shipments reach their recipients.

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