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Intelligent Application Monitoring for modern SAAS-Solutions

The family-owned company EPLAN has been offering software and services for all aspects of engineering in the sectors of electrical engineering, automation and mechatronics since 1984. The solutions that EPLAN always develops according to the motto "Efficient Engineering" are used today by more than 58,000 customers worldwide. In order to continue the idea of Efficient Engineering, EPLAN has decided to supplement its solutions with a cloud variant. For the Cloud Security & Operations area, it is essential to know the status of its systems at all times and to be able to rectify potential problems quickly. Therefore, T-Systems MMS implemented a highly automated application performance monitoring solution based on Dynatrace, which is connected to EPLAN's self-developed monitoring framework. The integration of the new solution has increased the reliability, performance and usability of the monitoring system and ensured improved collaboration.

Benefits to our customer

Increased downtime resilience and performance, greater transparency and interconnectivity


Faster response to failures: Immediate notification of performance issues


Ensure competitiveness through continuous optimization of performance and UX


Markus Hellfeier, Head of Cloud Security & Operations

„One of our corporate principles is interacting in a spirit of partnership with our service providers. With T-Systems MMS, we can always talk frankly about our requirements and wishes without the collaboration suffering as a result."

Reference overview


Implementation of a modern application performance monitoring solution, which enables continuous monitoring of performance and UX of the SaaS-Solutions of EPLAN.


Introduction of a modern, highly automated application performance monitoring solution based on Dynatrace and connection to the existing monitoring framework.


A monitoring solution that provides more reliability, more stable performance, better usability and facilitates collaboration.

  • Requirements

    Monitoring for new SaaS-Solution

    In rolling out a new software product, it's not enough to get off to a good start and then sit back and relax. Especially not if it is a SaaS solution that is being rolled out worldwide. After go-live, it is crucial for business success to keep a constant eye on the performance and usability of the solution.
    That is the only way in which improvements and optimizations can be achieved, and the only way to ensure a high level of product acceptance among users. Before launching its new solution, EPLAN was therefore looking for a modern, user-friendly monitoring solution that can make exactly this possible.

  • Solution

    State-of-the-Art-Monitoring in the Sector of Security & Operations

    To meet these requirements, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions introduced a highly automated application performance monitoring solution based on the Dynatrace SaaS solution. EPLAN employees were also trained to ensure the smooth introduction and integration of the new solution.
    Dynatrace is connected to EPLAN's own monitoring framework and embedded in the WebServices operated in the Azure Cloud. Dynatrace is also connected to the SecOps area of EPLAN and to T-Systems Multimedia Solutions. Dynatrace automatically gives alerts in the event of anomalies or faults, so that "human monitoring" can subsequently take place. In the future, self-healing mechanisms (NoOps) are to be implemented.

  • Benefit

    Monitoring is More Than Just Observing

    Due to the modern application performance monitoring solution, EPLAN's Security & Operations team now knows the status of its systems around the world at any time of the day or night. Thanks to the automatically generated alerts, it can intervene immediately and in a targeted manner if there are problems or if there is a need for optimization.
    In this way, the company ensures the safety and performance of its systems, the usability of its products and ultimately the satisfaction of its customers. With the new monitoring solution, EPLAN is fulfilling its motto of "Efficient Engineering" entirely.

About EPLAN Software & Service

EPLAN offers software and services for all aspects of engineering in the sectors of electrical engineering, automation and mechatronics. The company develops one of the world's leading software solutions for electrical design in machine, plant and enclosure construction. EPLAN is also the ideal partner for simplifying challenging engineering processes.
Standardized and customized ERP and PLM/PDM interfaces ensure consistent data along the entire value chain. Working with EPLAN means unrestricted communication across all engineering disciplines. Regardless of whether the company is small or large: Customers can thus use their expertise more efficiently. EPLAN aims to continue growing with customers and partners and is driving integration and automation in engineering. Over 58,000 customers are supported worldwide. "Efficient Engineering" is the motto.
EPLAN was founded in 1984 and is part of the Friedhelm Loh Group. The family-owned company has a global presence with 12 production sites and 96 international subsidiaries. The owner-managed Friedhelm Loh Group employs 12,100 people and generated sales of around 2.6 billion euros in 2019.

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