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Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a Digital Foundation for Core Business Processes in the Real Estate Sector

The aim of GARBE Industrial Real Estate GmbH is to always respond optimally to the wishes and requirements of its customers and investors. With the aim of digitizing the entire property value chain, including the underlying processes, on a scalable and highly flexible platform end-to-end, this ambition is to be further expanded and optimized. With the partnership with Deutsche Telekom/Telekom Deutschland and T-Systems MMS, GARBE secures industry-specific consulting expertise combined with solution knowledge around the Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology platform

Benefit for our Customer

Increased efficiency and reduced vulnerabilty to errors thanks to process automation/h4>

Securing a decisive competitive advantage through sustainable optimization of performance quality

360° view of all processes in the value chain

  • Friederike Buchheister, Head of IT & Digitalization, Garbe Industrial Real Estate GmbH

    Cooperation between technology and real estate companies is becoming increasingly important and, in my opinion, is essential for the success of the digital transformation. In my experience, digital innovations in business processes can only be created through cooperation between these two industries in a spirit of partnership. In T-Systems MMS, we have found a partner who, in addition to all the experience in the technology sector, brings with it the existing expertise in real estate business processes, the decisive advantage that makes a long-term partnership strong and sustainable.

Reference at a Glance


Development of a platform as an interface for all systems and relevant data based on Microsoft Dynamics 365


Mapping of all core business processes on one 360° platform, end-to-end encrypted based on detailed customer journey process analyses



Automation and digitization of processes enabled a paradigm shift to a fully digital company


  • Initial Situation

    Manual Processes and Autonomous Tools

    GARBE Industrial Real Estate GmbH develops, buys and sells, leases, manages and finances high-quality logistics and corporate properties with high re-leaseability at national and international transport hubs. These core business processes are illustrated with the five business areas Business Development, Project Development, Investment Management, Property Management (Asset and Property Management) and Portfolio Management. Challenges identified included the use of manual process steps, in particular Excel spreadsheets and self-sufficient tools that did not communicate with each other consistently. The stated aim was to create a platform for all end-to-end processes at GARBE, which builds on the existing technology base of the entire Microsoft stack and has interfaces to all leading (e. g. financial and property accounting tools) and downstream systems to enable a 360° view of all core business processes as well as the relevant to make data available and usable for all business units on one platform at any time.

  • Solution

    Process digitization with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

    With the participation of all business units, a big picture was developed in order to analyze and design the multi-year project in detail. The technological decision to map all core business processes on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform was also validated. The concept of a big picture at process level based on detailed customer journey process analyses allowed the optimization and prioritization of end-to-end processes in a time- and project-related milestone plan. The feasibility analysis was carried out as part of the execution of Proofs of Concepts (PoCs), which confirmed the realization of the overall project with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. GARBE Industrial Real Estate GmbH sees in the implementation of this overall project not only the pure automation and digitization of its processes, but also the market leader for logistics and corporate real estate in Germany heralds a paradigm shift towards a completely digitally acting company and creates its own USP with the capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to gain the decisive competitive advantage. to generate. GARBE is relying on the experience of T-Systems MMS in the context of a strategic partnership for the implementation of the overall project with the resounding name GIGANTIC.

  • Benefits and Outlook

    360°-Sight on all Processes in Realtime

    Digitizing the real estate value chain and the processes behind it on a scalable and highly flexible platform end-to-end – with this medium-term goal in mind, the following expectations come with:
    The mapping of all core business processes on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform is intended to provide a 360° view of all processes and processes in real time and make the data and the resulting reporting available to employees and management at all times. At the same time, the project serves to better understand customers and optimize services by analysing existing data more intensively and using results more intelligently.
    In addition, GARBE Industrial Real Estate has high expectations in the automation of previously manually performed process steps, which should reduce the susceptibility to errors and lead to efficiency gains in all departments. The real estate company also expects new reporting options that will help to sustainably increase the quality of service to its customers and investors and to further increase the transparency of service delivery. Because at the beginning as well as at the end of all considerations about the new digital foundation, GARBE has one thing above all: the satisfaction of its customers and investors.

About GARBE Industrial Real Estate GmbH

For more than 30 years, GARBE Industrial Real Estate GmbH has an excellent know-how in the areas of investment and fund management, transactions, project development and the management of logistics corporate real estate. The owner-managed company, headquartered in Hamburg, has offices at 12 other German and European locations in a total of eight countries and employs more than 170 people. GARBE currently manages 7. 03 billion Assets under Management (AuM), a total area of 4. 07 million rentable space in m2 and 1. 48 billion transaction volume. As a leading specialist for logistics and corporate real estate, GARBE’s core business is the holistic development of logistics and corporate real estate.




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