Efficient HR management with SAP Success Factors

GASAG AG and its subsidiaries are a leading network provider, energy service provider and energy producer in Berlin and Brandenburg. As a progressive, medium-sized company, the GASAG Group is facing the challenges of an increasingly digital working environment and is completely redesigning its recruiting and training process for employees.
Together with T-Systems MMS, the company implemented a customized cloud platform SAP Success Factors for efficient recruiting and learning management.

Customer Benefits

Unified recruiting process without media breaks - displayed on a central platform


Time and cost savings by reducing administrative effort for onboarding and learning management


Up-to-date trained employees through automated reminders of required training and integrated online-based training


„Since we started using the Learning Management System (LMS), employees have been able to obtain information directly about public, mandatory training courses. If they want to attend in-house courses, they can sign up for them directly. And in the LMS, employees can start e-learning immediately.“

Elisabeth Prechtl, Human Resources Development Officer


Reference overview


To avoid media-breaks, the management of applications and the interaction with the applicants should take place centrally from one platform. Internal trainings should also be easier to organize.


The central cloud platform SAP Success Factors with its recruiting and learning modules forms the core of the new HR management. Predefined templates facilitate the communication with applicants and employees.


With the new system, the GASAG Group can find suitable employees faster and at the same time keep all employees up to date with the integrated learning modules.

  • Requirements

    Media Breaks and Manual Effort in the Personnel Area

    The GASAG Group is regularly involved in recruiting processes and internal trainings. Until a few years ago, the company used many different tools to handle application management. Due to constanly occurring media-breaks, time and clarity were lost and the organizational effort was high. The planning of compulsory and social skills training was also time-consuming, as individual confirmations and cancellations were administered manually. A central, digital system is supposed to provide support here.

  • Solution

    Central tool for training and further education

    With the scalable SAP Success Factors cloud platform, the GASAG Group can map all recruiting and learning processes centrally and completely digitally. T-Systems MMS adapted the platform to the individual needs of the GASAG Group. For example, the configuration of the recruiting module takes into account whether the application is internal or external. It is also possible to define at what point social partners such as the works council must be given access. The learning module can be used to create, assign and book training courses, including e-learnings. The Learning Management ensures that employees are informed about all relevant training courses that have to be completed by a certain date through automatic notifications and reminders to superiors and employees. This is important, especially for legally required, regularly recurring training courses. In addition to social skills training, the GASAG Group also introduces e-learning, for topics that affect the majority of the workforce in particular. These are created in an authoring tool and thanks to the possible integration into Learning Management, are made available to employees in a short-term manner. The advantage is that, especially at company locations outside of Berlin, there are no travel and time costs for these compulsory training courses. Unternehmensstandorten außerhalb Berlins Reisekosten und -zeiten für diese Pflichtschulungen entfallen.

  • Benefits

    More efficient HR processes with the SAP Cloud Platform

    Thanks to the SAP Success Factors cloud platform and the re-defined recruiting process, the GASAG Group can find suitable employees more quickly. The organizational effort has been reduced and the onboarding process runs without media-breaks in all phases from the application to the hiring of new employees. The learning module ensures that GASAG employees are always trained according to the latest standards. They can use a central tool to register for training and further education, to have reminders sent to them and to obtain an overview of their current training status or learning history.

GASAG-AG is part of Berlin's city history. Founded in 1847, GASAG is now a modern energy service provider operating nationwide, whose range of services includes more than just electricity and natural gas. The group of companies is intensively engaged in innovative technologies and is pushing the expansion of renewable energy. This commitment is demonstrated by products such as the virtual power plant "EcoPool", energy solutions for entire neighborhoods and comprehensive energy consulting.

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