Gerolsteiner Brunnen

Future-oriented digitization strategy

For a company with more than 800 employees and exports in all over the world, it is not so easy “to get digitized”. Such transformation should be well prepared with the concrete formulation of vision and strategy, on which Gerolsteiner collaborated with T-systems MMS. It has also begun with the integration of all divisions in the process and so created a basis for future-oriented and sustainable development of the company.

Customer Benefits

Clarity regarding the status quo of the digitization

Substantiated updating of the digitization strategy

Contributing to securing the future viability and competitive ability

  • Marcus Schumacher, Head of Purchasing of Gerolsteiner Brunnen

    „Purchasing only as service provider is a thing of past. In future we plan to help as consultant to solve the strategic challenge.“

Reference overview


Determine the status quo of the digitization and action areas with the specific focus on the purchasing division.


A maturity level analysis through workshops and employee surveys in order to create fundamentals for strategic visioning.


A sustainable strategy for the future and involvement of all participants in its development.

  • Requirements

    Each division is faced with different challenges

    Gerolsteiner, a world leader in mineral water industry, faced the challenge to approach the digital transformation in integrated and strategic manner. Thus, T-Systems MMS should implement the status quo of digitization through the maturity level analysis on the organizational level in order to determine and prioritize the action areas. For the IT-division, it was particularly important to enhance the skills of the employees in the area of project management, whereas, the process optimization was in the foreground for HR division. The purchasing division should be supported with the development of the vision and the digital strategy as well as for its modernization.
  • Solution

    Creative formats for the collective purchasing vision

    The digitization and modernization of individual tasks of management division will massively change the purchasing in future. The customized maturity level analysis upon the request of this division formed the initial point of transition process for Gerolsteiners. A comparative self-reflection with the external view from other divisions aimed to achieve the perception of purchasing within the company.
    The requirements of different divisions to make purchasing visible as well as 360 degree visualization of the actual market situation helped Gerolsteiner to define the objectives and future vision of the purchasing. In one of the workshop concepts developed by T-Systems MMS, the purchasing employees as well as their managers were supported by corresponding worker groups to push the initial steps with concrete measures for the implementation of the new strategy. Entirely in line with the New Work, the employees should be involved in the change process and should take an active role in the designing of the change process.
  • Benefit

    Digitization strategy ensures future viability and competitiveness

    Maturity level analysis through workshops and employee surveys formed an initial point for transition process of the company. Special requirements could be developed for purchasing and strategies for the digitization of individual tasks of the management division could be outlined, which would change the purchasing massively in the future.
    By this sustainable strategy for the future and involvement of the employee in the process, a contribution was made to ensure the future viability and competitiveness.

About Gerolsteiner

Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG is a bestselling mineral water brand in the German market.
Established in 1888, the company has today 840 employees. In 2008, the company generated total net revenue of 309 million Euros.

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