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Greater Reach and Acceptance
for the "Hager Group live" Intranet

Hager Group is a leading specialist in solutions and services for electrical installations in real estate and employs more than 11,500 people worldwide.
Just over a year ago, the company completely overhauled its intranet and introduced a combined communication and collaboration environment based on the Staffbase (communication) and Office 365 (collaboration) platform. In addition to a desktop version, all employees now have mobile access to it, regardless of location. In order to increase the number of users and accesses as well as improve the quality of the content, the Hager Group project team got support and opted for T-Systems MMS.

  • Kathrin Dincher, Project Manager Internal Group Communications

    „Together with T-Systems MMS, we have worked intensively to put our Intranet on a professional footing and to align further development with the wishes of our internal customers. This enables us to reach our colleagues in production and logistics precisely and to gain new users.“

  • Requirements

    More Users and Customized Content

    After the successful launch of the new and mobile intranet on the platform of Staffbase and Office365, Hager Group now wanted to take the next step: On the one hand, there was a desire to further increase the number of registered users. This was especially true for employees who do not work permanently on the PC and who should be better reached with the mobile app. First of all, it was important to know the exact requirements of the individual user groups for the new intranet.
    On the other hand, it was important to empower the many internal editors to optimize their content so that more users would be interested in it. To this end, T-Systems MMS should identify the needs of the editors and provide them with corresponding training documents.

  • Solution

    Analysis of User Requirements, Empowerment of Editors

    In order to implement these requirements in the best possible way, the T-Systems MMS team, in cooperation with the content agency Kammann Rossi and the Hager Group, first conducted a comprehensive as-is analysis. During interviews, employees from various departments were able to formulate their information needs and their expectations of the intranet. Following this, the so-called "Use Case Cards" were created on the basis of the Lean Workplace approach developed by T-Systems MMS, on which the different needs of the users were formulated and classified according to various criteria. Together with the Hager Group project team, these use case cards were then clustered and prioritized to provide a guideline for the next development steps for the intranet.
    For the responsible editors, T-Systems MMS created a training concept including new training documents as well as a strategic approach for further training elements that simplify the creation of new, needs-based content for the editors.

  • Benefit

    Improved, Demand-Oriented Communication

    As a result of the interviews with the users of the intranet, a number of potential improvements could be identified. Based on the prioritization of the use case cards, Hager Group and T-Systems MMS jointly developed an action plan that focuses on the needs of customers and thus contributes more to demand-oriented communication. Intra-net editors now also have suitable tools at their fingertips to make content more relevant and attractive and to address the different target groups more precisely.
    The more targeted distribution of information by location and company area, as well as the optimization of content creation, now minimizes loss of information and has greatly increased the reach of the intranet – a major contribution to employee satisfaction, motivation and identification with the company.

About Hager Group

The Hager Group is a leading provider of solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings and generates sales of 2.3 billion euros (2020) with 11,500 employees. Its components and solutions are produced at 23 locations around the globe and sold to customers in more than 100 countries. The Hager Group is an international, independent, family-owned company headquartered in Germany. As one of the industry's innovation leaders, the Hager Group aims to make the electrical world of mor-gen sustainable and to play a leading role in the field of energy management and distribution. Customers rely on the Group's safe and simple products and solutions ranging from power distribution, cable management and installation accessories to building automation, security systems and energy management under the Hager, Berker, Bocchiotti/Iboco, Daitem, Diagral, Elcom and E3/DC brands.

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