Digital General Assembly with legally sound voting

The Liability Association of German Local Transport and Utilities Companies (HDN) acts as a solidarity association to jointly insure the risks of its members. In order to be able to perform the annual general meeting during the Corona pandemic, T-Systems MMS supported the insurer at its first digital general meeting with a conferencing solution, a legally compliant voting tool and ensuring high-performance, uninterrupted streaming.

Customer Benefit

Audit-proof and notarized voting with Votebox tool

Time savings through elimination of travel and location-independent online participation via video streaming

Health protection and cost reduction through digital event solution

  • Aline Thomas, Managing Director of HDN

    „We didn’t want to compromise on our high expectations for the event for our digital general meeting. Thanks to our collaboration with T-Systems MMS, we were able to handle this. We felt perfectly cared for and considered – from the initial consultation to the smooth running of the digital meeting. “

Reference Summary


Conducting a digital conference in the form of a secure, high-performance video stream and an audit-proof coordination.



Professional studio production of the event by customizing the Webex conferencing solution and using Votebox as a coordination tool.



Digital, legally secure and location-independent general meeting, guaranteeing the health protection of all participants.


  • Requirements

    Statutory General Assembly under Pandemic Conditions

    How can many people communicate directly with each other while at the same time keeping the greatest possible distance for reasons of infection protection? The liability association of German local transport and utilities (HDN) was also faced with this issue during the Corona pandemic, when the statutory annual general meeting was scheduled. It was therefore likely to perform the meeting digitally via live stream. However, as is customary for attendance events, the members should also be able to discuss with each other and – more importantly – take legally sound decisions. HDN brought in the streaming experts from T-Systems MMS for this task.
    The implementation of the project, however, also presented the project staff at T-Systems MMS with great challenges, as the restrictions caused by the pandemic also applied to them.

  • Solution

    Digital Event Using WebEx And Votebox

    In order to be able to carry out the HDN members' meeting digitally, T-Systems MMS decided on WebEx as the technological basis. The tool has proven itself for streaming conferences with numerous participants for many years. It is easily scalable and thus offers a solid basis for stable and high-performance streams.
    In order to be able to carry out voting digitally, the voting tool Votebox was also used. It is characterized by auditability, which enables notarial certification of the voting results.

  • Benefit

    Cost-Savings And Health Protection

    Due to the digitally conducted ordinary general meeting, HDN was able to avoid exposing the representatives of its member companies to any unnecessary risk of infection - neither during travel nor through contacts on site. In addition, the online meeting saved costs and time for participants to travel.
    By using WebEx, T-Systems MMS made it possible for the usual presentations and discussions to take place without interruption and with high performance. The votebox tool also made it possible to pass binding resolutions.
    Even under the difficult conditions of the Corona pandemic, HDN did not have to make any compromises in its first online general meeting compared to face-to-face events.

About HDN

HDN, Haftpflichtgemeinschaft Deutscher Nahverkehrs- und Versorgungsunternehmen (Liability Association of German Public Transport and Utility Companies), was founded back in 1903 and has since specialized exclusively in covering the special risks of transport and utility companies. Its more than 430 members include transport and utility companies in which the public sector holds at least a 50 percent stake. Under the guiding principle "Together is our strength." the members mutually insure their losses arising from the performance of their duties. As a municipal loss compensation organization, HDN pays attention to low administrative costs and transparency in order to be able to offer members favorable coverage. Therefore, the intention to make profits is explicitly excluded in the statutes. HDN thus continues to implement the original founding idea of covering similar risks exclusively on a cost-covering basis.

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