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Faster Detection of Errors

In 1851, Wilhelm Carl Heraeus opened a pharmacy in Hanau. If he had been able to look to the future, he would have been speechless, laying the foundation for what is now an international group with more than 16,000 employees worldwide and an annual turnover of around 30 billion euros. Medicine and medical technology still play a strong role in the family-owned company’s portfolio. Today, however, the company is also a technology leader in areas as diverse as the environment, electronics and industrial applications.
For corporate management, Heraeus Consulting & IT Solutions GmbH (HCS) relies on solutions from SAP. The company was looking for a new automation tool to test its own developments and adaptations of the ERP system. As a certified implementation partner of Tricentis, T-Systems was able to support MMS during the implementation.

Benefit for our Customer

Less effort for maintenance and programming

Higher automation rate for software testing

Increase in the release frequency

Patrick Rockel, Head of Competence Center Logistics Services at HCS

"T-Systems MMS helped us to leverage the potential of Tricentis. Simple usability and the modular design of test scripts
save us a lot of time and thus increase the resilience of our application."

Reference at a Glance


Replacement of the previously used test automation tool


Implementation of Tricentis products Tosca and qTest, first focus on Tricentis Tosca for test automation


Reduced effort for test case creation and maintenance of tests

  • Requirements

    Test automation with greater proximity to the department

    Regular adjustments and functional enhancements to SAP’s ERP system are part of everyday life for HCS. Since all of the Group’s locations have been merged on an SAP ERP system, it is highly critical. Since the failure due to a software error would be equivalent to a production stoppage, software testing is therefore of great importance.

    To reduce testing time, HCS initially used the SAP Component-Based Test Automation (CBTA) tool, but was looking for another solution that would meet two important requirements.

    On the one hand, an even higher degree of automation should be achieved with less effort for programming and maintenance. On the other hand, the new solution had to be more understandable for the departments in order to be able to actively involve them in the further development process for automation. Test automation, especially for enterprise software, requires good communication and collaboration between departments and IT.

    The company opted for Tosca from Tricentis, which exactly matched these requirements. For the implementation, HCS turned to T-Systems MMS.

  • Solution

    Tosca and qTest by Tricentis as Problem Solver

    Within the scope of a project lasting several months, T-Systems advised and supported MMS in setting up the architecture and implementing the test automation solution.

    An important parameter for the decision in favour of Tricentis was the ease of use and comprehensibility of the new solution, which should contribute to a better understanding in the departments. Within a few weeks, a team was able to set up the test automation. In addition, when the new test automation solution was introduced, the test strategy and the previous test concept were also put to the test. The special feature is to establish a uniform, comprehensible test strategy, supported by test automation along the framework conditions required for GxP. The SAP Solution Manager is still being used for test management because it offers a GxP-compliant and well-documented process flow and the possibility of integrating Tricentis Tosca with the SAP Solution Manager. Alternatively, the use of the test management solution Tricentis qTest is tested with the special software in the field of life sciences Tricentis Vera.

    In order to be able to go into production as quickly and smoothly as possible for the new test automation, the consultants provided best-practice recommendations for test automation and conducted workshops and coaching on test automation, test management & test strategy as well as Test Automation & GxP.

  • Benefit

    More Efficiency and Shorter Release Cycles by high Degree of Automation

    The expectations placed in Tricentis were met with the support of T-Systems MMS. The new test system causes significantly less effort in the development of test scripts and therefore less maintenance. One of the main advantages is the option to modularize the test scenarios. Existing parts can be integrated into the test scripts. The code does not have to be rewritten for every test case. The reusable modules can be used as building blocks for individual test steps in different test cases.

    The high user-friendliness ensures that no in-depth programming knowledge is necessary to work with the tool. This in turn helps the departments to better understand test procedures and scenarios.

    This enables HCS to benefit from faster and more frequent release cycles. Some of the test cases are already automated in the SAP Logistics module. And since the department is able to understand the test scenarios more easily and understand what they are about, the feedback on the test scenarios has improved significantly. Thus, HCS not only tests faster, but can be sure to test the right thing. The result is better software quality on a critical system for the company.

About Heraeus

The roots of the family business Heraeus go back to the 17th century. Today, the global company operates in the fields of environment, electronics, health and industrial applications, providing technologies and solutions that benefit from centuries of experience. Today, the company offers more than 16,000 people a job at one of more than 100 locations in 40 countries. Together, they generate sales of more than 29 billion euros for the Fortune Global 500 company.

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