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Automated processes in the back office due to Servicetrace-X1

KRONES is specialized in the production of lines for process, filling and packaging technology. Since the company was founded in 1951 as a machine builder for semi-automatic labeling machines, Krones AG has steadily evolved and is the all-round partner in line construction for its customers, such as breweries and beverage producers, the food industry, and the chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. Since the first labeling machine, the automation of processes and the associated simplification and acceleration of work has been a Krones credo. In order to benefit from automation not only in mechanical engineering, but also in the office, T-Systems MMS implemented a central automation platform for accelerating processes in purchasing and logistics. For this purpose, T-Systems installed MMS Servicetrace-X1 with RPA and Robotic solution. The introduction with test phase, workshop and evaluation was part of the process consulting.

Benefits for our customer

Accelerated performance of the work processes

More efficient Processes and less manual effort

Cost reduction due to labor time savings

Enrico Jorgel, Project Manager RPA, T-Systems MMS

„The introduction of RPA with Unattended Bots was an instructive experience for all sides: Even a bot needs regular maintenance to ensure high functional quality.“ 

Reference at a Glance


Automation of Processes in purchasing and in the logistics department


Implementation of an automation platform including the required software licenses


Unattended bots take over invoice verification and save costs

  • Requirements

    Efficiency and Cost Savings in the Purchase and Logistics Backoffice

    T-Systems MMS provided Krones with advice on the use and necessary processes of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and implemented the required components. In order to take advantage of process automation using RPA not only in plant engineering, Krones now wanted to automate process flows in purchasing and logistics.

  • Solution

    Automation Platform Servicetrace X1 With Unattended Bots

    T-Systems MMS analyzed the processes in question, evaluated their suitability and transferred them to a process automation matrix, and set up the use of tool-integrated lifecycle mapping (design, build, test, production). In the implementation phase, various features have been set up at the bot.

  • Benefit

    Cost Savings Through Bot-Assisted Invoice Verification

    Repetitive and standardized processes in the back office of purchasing and logistics can be handled by unattended bots. These bots independently carry out processes that do not require human assistance, such as the pre-sorting of incoming mail. A communication bot can, for example, trigger the required response by means of defined triggers.

About Krones AG

Krones offers lines for the beverage industry and food producers: process technology, filling technology, packaging machines, all the way to IT solutions. Millions of glass bottles, cans, and PET containers pass through a Krones line every day. As a systems supplier, Krones equips breweries, beverage bottlers, and food producers all over the world - with individual machines as well as entire production facilities. For beverages and foodstuffs, Krones plans and implements complete lines covering every single process step in production - from product and container manufacture, through filling and packaging, to material flow and container recycling. Krones AG is headquartered in Neutraubling near Regensburg. Worldwide, the company employs around 17,000 people, about 10,000 of them in Germany.

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