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Digitalised communication with customers

Up-to-date digital provision of information about financial products is nowadays essen-tial for customers and business partners. Thus, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) together with T-Systems MMS has replaced its customer por-tal by the new Financial Markets portal. The portal platform based on Caseramp meets the latest technical as well as regulatory requirements and provides a wide range of information and research opportunities about financial products to the different target groups of LBBW.

Reference overview


Modernization of the customer portal for target group-oriented service and for adherence to new regulatory guidelines and regulations.


Development of a Financial Market portal based on the new open-source-based portal technology Caseramp and mobile provision of platform.


A platform, which meets the regulatory requirements and provides a wide range of information about financial products to the target groups.

  • Requirements

    Nowadays, the bank customers are increasingly keeping themselves digitally updated about financial products on the move or are already handling financial transactions online. Since the existing customer portal of LBBW furthermore could no longer meet current requirements due to new regulatory guidelines and regulations, a modern and sustain-able application should be introduced to ensure the competitiveness of LBBW. In the course of this, the requirements of different target groups should be considered and represented.

  • Solution

    A new Financial Markets portal was developed and its base was the open-source-based portal technology Caseramp. The portal platform was implemented based on the open source technologies Spring Boot/ Spring Cloud as highly modern micro-service architecture, in order to avoid dependencies and create highest scaling possi-bilities. The administrative frontend allows authorized users to configure the portal platform extensively (e.g. configuration of portal pages, managing authorizations for all content, administration of users). The new LBBW-style guide was used for an appeal-ing design, whereby the content of platform is displayed representatively. Furthermore, the content is also provided on the move. Using the new portal, the regulatory re-quirements of supervisory authority are implemented and compliance-requirements are considered. Differentiated offers are provided for saving banks, banks, institutional customers and companies as well as additionally for private customers.

Benefits for our customers

Efficient processes: Digitization of manual processes and thus reduced workload for central units


Customer-centric content: Optimum focus on market demand through individual approach of target groups


Sustainable application: Flexible, efficient and responsive micro-service architecture of the portal


Appealing design: Representative display of financial market data and products


Modular architecture: High scalability enables a rapid technical upgrades


Independent technology: Prevention of dependencies of certain providers through open-source-technologies


About LBBW

Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) is a medium-sized universal bank, which manages the companies, private customers, institutional customers and saving banks. As an institution under public law, the LBBW-group has more than 10,000 employees working at 160 locations throughout Germany. The headquarters are located in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Mannheim and Mainz. LBBW also supports its customers abroad with 17 locations world-wide.

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