Magenta Telekom (T-Mobile Austria)

Stepping into Austria's digital future with a new CMS

Magenta Telekom stands for progressive technologies. The company's promise is nothing less than to lead Austria into a digital future. The focus is always on customer satisfaction. And in order to meet their requirements, the company's website must also be able to keep up with the latest developments. In cooperation with T-Systems Austria and T-Mobile Austria, T-Systems MMS therefore designed, developed and implemented a CMS based on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that meets Magenta Telekom's requirements. The new CMS focuses on user-friendliness, customizability and scalability, as external applications can now also be integrated.

Customer Benefits

Increased performance, reliability and individualizability of the website

Editors can enter content themselves due to intuitive usability

Cost savings through integration of external applications

Reference at a Glance


Redesign and implementation of the website based on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to meet the new requirements in the long term.


Conception of the website, front- and backend implementation of the CMS and integration of external interfaces, as well as training of the editors in the use of the new CMS.


A CMS that meets Magenta Telekom's requirements for its website, can be customized and with which the editors in the company can work without external support.

  • Requirements

    Greater Individualizability and Adaptability

    The old CMS was no longer adequate to meet the new requirements for Magenta Telekom's website. The website needed to be more adaptable, more individualizable and as future-proof as the company itself. In addition, the website was to be barrier-free, i.e. usable without restriction by all people, regardless of any disabilities they may have. Based on these requirements, the website redesign was to be based on Adobe Experience Manager, a powerful solution for content and digital asset management needs.

  • Solution

    A Modern, Future-Proof CMS

    The redesign and implementation of the website by T-Systems MMS took place in close coordination with Magenta Telekom. Together, the new CMS was set up and the implementation of web tracking and asset management in AEM was also realized. In addition to the front- & backend implementation of more than 40 CMS components, freely editable forms for the endpoints e-mail and Salesforce Web Api were implemented and external interfaces such as the Magenta online store were integrated into the system. T-Systems MMS provided intensive training for editors on how to use AEM.

  • Benefit

    Performant, userfriendly and individualizable

    The new CMS gives Magenta Telekom the necessary flexibility to meet its users' requirements for the website. It is higher performing, more fail-safe and highly individualizable. Due to the possibility of integrating external applications into the new system, Magenta will be able to reduce hosting and maintenance costs in the long term. In addition, rapid editorial adaptation of content in appropriate areas has become possible. The editorial workflow has also been improved: Thanks to the easier usability of the system and the intensive training provided by T-Systems MMS, the company's internal editors can now use the website without specific high technical know-how. This allows for greater flexibility in the future and makes the company less dependent on external service providers.

About Magenta Telekom

Magenta Telekom (T-Mobile Austria GmbH) a leading provider of Internet, mobile communications, entertainment and business solutions in Austria. The company has around 2,500 employees and generated revenue of around EUR 1.28 billion in 2019. The company offers ultra-fast broadband via fiber optic cable and mobile communications, entertainment, and the latest technologies for digital life. Magenta is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, headquartered in Vienna. As part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, the company benefits from the innovative strength and financial stability of the Group, one of the largest global players in the telecoms market. In the 2019 financial year, the Group generated revenue of EUR 80.5 billion. Magenta Telekom acts as a competence center for the entire Deutsche Telekom Group for the Internet of Things (IoT), among other things.

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