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Important Impulses for a stronger Customer Orientation

Founded more than 90 years ago, MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH's professional warewashing, cleaning and disinfection solutions are now being used in kitchens and restaurants in 97 countries worldwide. The customer base extends across many industries, from commercial enterprises of all sizes to clinics and homes to food retailers and the food industry.
For MEIKO, it is therefore particularly important to have a precise understanding of the different needs of its customers from the various industries and markets along the entire customer journey in order to offer them an outstanding customer experience. This is why T-Systems MMS was commissioned to anchor the topic of customer experience even more deeply within the company and to make the customer experience a measurable variable that MEIKO can use to develop a strategy for a stronger customer focus.

Benefits for our Customer

Regular Surveys give Insight on customer satisfaction and week points

Consistent brand presentation on all points of contact for optimal customer orientation

Measurable customer experience for solid strategic decisions

Lukas Petri, Creative Director Digital Print Design at MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH Co. KG

„Thanks to intensive consulting from T-Systems MMS, we now have the know-how
and the right tools to approach the customer experience strategically.“ 

Reference at a glance


To sensitize the marketing and sales teams to the topic of customer experience and to develop a roadmap for the "Focus on Customer Experience" project.


Impulse session on customer experience, as well as development of a measurement set and corresponding project roadmap for regular analysis of the customer experience.


Improved collaboration between departments and appropriate methodology and project approach to continuously improve the customer experience in a measurable way.

  • Requirements

    Customer Experience: First Understand, Then Improve

    The MEIKO Group employs more than 2,100 people worldwide. Especially considering this size, the widely interlinked departments have to work closely together in order to meet the customers' demands and provide a consistent experience. This applies particularly to marketing, sales and service, which are closest to the customer.
    The basis for this forms a fundamental sensitization to the importance of the topic of customer experience. In addition, the status quo of the customer experience along the entire customer journey must first be known in detail and measurable. This is the only way to identify potentials, challenges and concrete approaches for improvements and to implement them with the appropriate tools.

  • Solution

    Inspiration and Measurability for Improved Customer Experience

    An inspiring presentation on customer and user experience laid the foundation for the "Focus on Customer Experience" project in the marketing and sales teams. Through an initial target group segmentation and a customer journey mapping to design the optimal customer experience, three main fields of action were identified: Customer Experience Measurement, Customer Experience Improvement, and Internal Change.
    Based on the findings of this fundamental analysis and consultation, work began on building a customer experience measurement set. In addition, a project roadmap was developed, with the help of which MEIKO can now approach the "Focus on Customer Experience" project strategically and in the long term.

  • Benefit

    Gaps in Customer Experience are Being Closed

    Due to the awareness of the different teams for a common focus on the customer experience, there is now an improved collaboration between the departments. As a result, MEIKO appears more consistent as a brand across all industries, which in turn has a positive impact on the customer experience. Regularly conducted customer surveys create transparency. Weak points along the customer journey can thus be identified and remedied at an early stage.
    With the measurement set and the roadmap, MEIKO now has the right methodology and approach to gradually build up customer alignment and thus sustainably strengthen customer loyalty.

About Meiko

MEIKO started in 1927 in a garage in the Black Forest, today the group works around the globe. MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH develops and produces innovative technology for rinsing, cleaning and disinfecting. The round M in the logo stands for MEIKO's central promise: clean solutions in best MEIKO quality for a wide range of industries. These include, for example, communal caterers, hotels and restaurants, the food industry, hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, bakeries and confectioners, butchers, as well as flight caterers and cruise ships.
With its headquarters in Offenburg and subsidiaries, sites and production facilities in Germany and worldwide, the company employs more than 2,100 people and generates group sales of more than 300 million euros (2019).

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