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TISAX® Certification Ensures Compliance Industry Standards

Since its founding in 2001, the Method Park Group has specialized in software and systems development in the highly innovative and safety-critical environment of medical and automotive technology. Different standards and regulations haveto be observed. The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) has created a corresponding catalogue of requirements (Information Security Assessment, ISA) especially for the automotive industry. A company may provide a label for TISAX® (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) to automotive manufacturers and suppliers via the ENX (European Network Exchange) after passing the VDA ISA test by an accredited testing service provider. Together with T-Systems MMS, the Method Park Group worked out the measures required for the TISAX® label “Information Security with Very High Protection Requirements” in a Level 3 assessment for four companies in the Group and implemented these measures in a next step.

Benefit for our Customer

Implementation and compliance with industry standards in the automotive sector

Securing market position and sustainability

Building trust through guaranteed information and data security

  • Steffen Schreiner, Head of IT, Method Park

    „T-Systems MMS put our processes through their paces, determined the maturity level and all necessary measures with us, and prepared us for TISAX® certification in record time. We learned a lot and are very proud that the certification confirms our responsible handling of security-sensitive data.“

Reference at a Glance


Necessary measures that are necessary for a TISAX® certification are to be developed and then implemented.



An assessment workshop in which the degree of maturity and possible deviations are determined and implementation measures are developed.



A catalogue of measures, the provision of templates and the concept of implementation lead to successful certification.


  • Requirements

    Guaranteeing Security Standards in the Processing of Sensitive Data with the TISAX® Label

    In its data processing, Method Park aims to comply with the strict TISAX® standard for information security applicable to the automotive industry. The TISAX® label covers the processing of particularly vulnerable and security-sensitive data. With this certification, Method Park aims to prove itself as a trusted partner in IT security and to strengthen and secure market access to the automotive industry. For this purpose, the existing data processing processes are to be checked and documented by means of an audit report.

  • Solution

    Determine the Degree of Maturity and Plan Measures in the Assessment Workshop

    First of all, it was necessary to work out what measures could be taken to achieve the desired label according to VDA ISA. To this end, T-Systems MMS reviewed the existing processes in an assessment workshop and recorded the deviations. The necessary project steps and implementation costs were derived from this. After extensive consultation, T-Systems MMS developed the implementation concept and a peer review. In a further step, the processes are to be implemented and optimized in such a way that they comply with the safety standard, taking into account economic appropriateness. In order to achieve the required degree of certification quickly, the lead auditor of the T-Systems MMS, who has been trained in several ISO standards, provided various sample documents for orientation and adaptation that reduce the project duration to the specific process and measure adjustments.

  • Benefit

    Reducing the Burden of Routine Work with Higher Quality and Efficiency

    The experience and comprehensive consulting support with templates for the implementation of T-Systems MMS enables Method Park to adopt an integrative approach that conserves resources and avoids duplication of effort. The know-how and access to services and their technical and organisational resources within Telekom Deutschland and its subsidiaries enabled Method Park to implement a concrete action plan within a short period of time and successfully achieve certification with the TISAX® label. The TISAX® label includes Method Park Holding AG, Method Park Software AG, Method Park Engineering GmbH and Method Park Consulting GmbH.

About Method Park

Method Park is a specialist for innovative software & systems engineering in the safety-critical fields of medical and automotive technology. The portfolio includes consulting and engineering services, a comprehensive training program and the process management tool “Stages. ” Since its establishment in 2001, Method Park has been advising, supporting and coaching clients around the world in optimizing processes, complying with industry-specific standards and legal regulations, and managing projects, products and their quality. Method Park offers a practice-oriented seminar program on current topics in Software & Systems Engineering. Seminar locations can be found in Germany, other European countries, the USA and Asia. With “Stages”, Method Park has placed an individually customizable process management tool on the market that supports the user in defining, communicating and applying complex processes. The Group is represented in Erlangen, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Berlin as well as in Detroit, Miami and Pittsburgh in the USA and in Shanghai in China. Today, Method Park employs around 230 people and achieved an operating turnover of around EUR 25 million in 2020.

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