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Customer Service Under a Magnifying Glass: Mister Spex Relies on the Strengths of the Genesys Cloud

Providing good customer service is critical for Mister Spex´ success as one of the leading online opticians. This is supplied by more than 170 employees at locations in Germany and other European countries. The further development of service offerings and quality is very important to Mister Spex. For this reason, customers should be provided with additional relevant contact channels, a central database for processing concerns should be created for agent teams, and the IT landscape in customer service should be standardized and designed to be scalable and flexibly adaptable. With the Genesys Cloud, Mister Spex has found the right platform and in the T-Systems MMS the right digitization partner to tackle the challenges.

Joshua Griffiths, Product Manager Customer Service, Mister Spex SE

„We chose T-Systems MMS for the implementation because we were looking for a partner who would support us not only with the challenges in the pre-sales phase, but also in the project and accompany us on this path. We felt that the team at T-Systems MMS understood our requirements and needs to improve our business and enabled us to look beyond the box when it comes to solutions."

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Increased service quality for customer concerns with a scalable, adaptable solution that enables new contact channels.



Implementation Genesys Cloud and integration into business-relevant applications and connect to external contact center sites.



Harmonization of the customer service system landscape, which consisted of different tools and technologies.


  • Initial Situation

    In order to be able to offer excellent customer service, the company Mister Spexx is continuously developing its service offering and the underlying technologies.
    In doing so, the system landscape in customer service, which consisted of various tools and technologies, was to be harmonized. This also included bundling the interactions from the telephone and e-mail contact channels. As a result, all customer information was to be made available in a central location to provide the approximately 170 agents at all European locations with a complete overview of their customers.
    As a declared pioneer in the optical industry, another goal for Mister Spexx was to use the possibilities of skill-based routing to increase service quality in support - In the future, it should therefore be possible to route customer interaction to the right agent at the right time, based on the agent's strengths.
    Finally, reporting was also to reach a new level of quality. Mister Spexx wanted to use the agent teams' performance reports to develop a stronger understanding of the reasons for and routes through which customer service is contacted in order to actively derive potential for improvement.

  • Solution

    To achieve its goals, Mister Spex is relying on T-Systems MMS as a partner capable of supporting the company throughout the entire digitization project: from consulting, to the purchase of SaaS licenses, the provision of carrier services, implementation and integration, to training, go-live support, operation and service.
    During the project phase, which lasted only eight weeks until going live, the first step was to replace the existing system for the telephone channel as well as the ticket system for handling e-mail inquiries. The introduction of the Genesys Cloud for the 170 agents combines the functions of both legacy systems in a modernized form.
    In the second step, the integration of the Genesys Cloud into business-relevant applications was carried out in collaboration with IT as well as other specialist departments. These included the ERP system Microsoft 365 Business Central, the online store and a business intelligence tool. In addition, a connection was made to the locations of external contact center service providers.

  • Benefit

    With the introduction of the new end-to-end customer service solution, the following benefits have become tangible and measurable for Mister Spex’s customers, agent teams and management:

    Increased service quality for customers with increased solution quality for employees
    By eliminating media gaps between contact routes, Mister Spex’s customers not only place their concerns more smoothly than ever before; they also experience an increased and more responsive solution quality from the agent teams. This is due to the newly introduced skill-based routing on the one hand. On the other hand, the new cross-channel, centrally available view of all service interactions and customer data enables agents to achieve a new quality of handling of queries.
    Placement of service requests on new relevant channels
    With the launch of the Genesys Cloud, the foundation stone is laid for an expansion of the Mister Spex service channel landscape. Meeting the increasing demands of customers for immediate attention and resolution of their concerns has become much easier for Mister Spex. In the future, new contact channels, such as a chat, can be easily integrated and selected service processes can be automated by integrating chatbots.

  • Needs-based scaling thanks to cloud solution
    The introduction of a cloud-based contact center follows Mister Spex’s overall IT strategy. Especially for customer service, the high availability of the cloud solution for agent teams at all locations is essential. The flexibility to scale according to market requirements also gives Mister Spex the desired design freedom.

    Autonomous adaptation options
    Furthermore, the new solution met an important requirement of Mister Spex: to maintain a system that ensures maximum flexibility and independence for the customer service department from in-house IT, as it allows independent adjustments to business processes and workflows. Changes can now be piloted on the basis of previous prototypes and thus quickly transferred to ongoing customer service.

    Improved reporting
    By using the Genesys Cloud and connecting to the existing Mister Spex BI tool, improved data collection and analysis including performance tracking of external service providers are possible. Performance can also be compared across channels, i. e. from calls and e-mails. This improved data quality in turn contributes to subsequent BI analyses and contributes to the ongoing strengthening of service quality.

About Mister Spex

Mister Spex SE, headquartered in Berlin, is the largest online optician in Germany and Europe. Thanks to its omnichannel sales concept, the company is one of the pioneers in the industry of online marketing for optical products. Mister Spex was founded in 2007, currently employs over 1,000 people from 58 countries and most recently generated annual sales of over 160 million euros. Since mid-2021, the company has been a European stock corporation (SE) and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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