Möbel Mahler

Online shop shines in new splendor

Established more than 100 years ago, the retailer Möbel Mahler Einrichtungszentrum GmbH & Co. KG offers a full range of living and home furnishing products. Around 1,600 employees present these products in three independent furniture stores as well as the online shop, generating an annual turnover of approx. 180 million euros.

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    Cross-Channel Application for boosting sales

    Möbel Mahler wants to transform its analogue and digital corporate world into a standardised brand presence. This not only means that over 20,000 products should be clearly and attractively presented in an online shop but also that the company website should be entirely redesigned. Within just eight months, T-Systems MMS not only succeeded in designing the cross-channel application for all sales, integrating a product information system (PIM), recreating the company website and the online shop and migrating the product data but also in connecting the new system to the existing ERP system and integrating other customer-specific back-end systems. T-Systems MMS will also be responsible for operating the application – until at least 2016.


Products continuously accsessble on mobile devices

hybris B2C Commerce 5 acts as the technological basis. All of the furniture store’s content is now available at all times via computers, in-house pylons and the intuitive user interface on tablets and mobile phones. Thanks to the effective cross-channel strategy and the link between the online and offline worlds, a uniform product world has been created tailored to a heterogeneous target group. The new platform offers all services from a single source and makes surfing, browsing and shopping a complete online experience. In just eight months, T-Systems MMS used the hybris technology, of which it only had basic prior knowledge, to create a cross-channel application – for other integrators this would likely have taken at least 12 months to achieve. To do so, it had to acquire in-depth knowledge of the furniture sector. The successful project implementation was only possible through the consistent and almost textbook use of SCRUM.

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