eHealth Project OncoBroker

Digitization of Cancer Aftercare

Simple and secure data exchange in the field of medicine and health is not yet taken for granted even in the digital age and carries risks. This also applies to the transmission of post-care information from cancer patients: Data is often only transmitted retrospectively to the doctors and hospitals who continue to treat them.
In the joint Smart Health project OncoBroker, the state capital of Dresden, together with project members such as the St. Joseph-Stift Hospital Dresden, the Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) e. V. and T-Systems MMS, developed an artificial intelligence-supported solution that allows the anonymized patient and treatment data at any time. and reach the right group of people on a daily basis. Information between doctors and clinics is exchanged via a digital platform in compliance with data protection, simplifying the procedures for the transmission of information and minimizing the time required.

Benefits at a glance


Patient and treatment data are currently available for continuing treatment doctors and clinics

Reduced time and administrative expenditure due to simple and data protection compliant exchange of information

Improved quality of care and optimized aftercare treatment for cancer patients

  • Dr. Robert Franke, Head of the Dresden Economic Development Agency

    „Due to OncoBroker, sensitive patient data can be transmitted securely and digitally to clinics and doctors, providing optimal follow-up care for cancer patients.“

Reference Summary


Faster, easier and more secure exchange of patient data in cancer care



Spring Boot communication platform and notification via push function



Up-to-date, digital transmission of aftercare information to the right target group


  • Requirements

    Digital Provision of Sensitive Patient Data

    Especially in post-cancer care, it is essential for patients' further treatment that treatment data can be transmitted reliably and promptly between hospitals and physicians. If information is incomplete, late or, at worst, not available at all, this limits the quality of care – with potentially negative consequences for patients.
    Up to now, the exchange of the corresponding documents has mostly taken place manually by fax. This led to a great deal of time and administration. In order to digitize the transmission of post-care information from cancer patients, the OncoBroker project was launched. T-Systems MMS took over the development of the platform for data exchange.

  • Solution

    Fast and Secure Exchange of Treatment Data

    The installed communication platform is based on Spring Boot technology. This allows data to be specifically requested for aftercare and exchanged between doctors and clinics. Beforehand, information is sent via push message. Patients can also be included as a fall-back variant. The developed solution ensures that all relevant information and findings are transmitted promptly and in compliance with data protection to the right recipients, such as the doctors who follow up and the treating clinic.
    At the same time, a semi-automated message is sent to the cancer registry.
    The International Integrated Health Enterprise Standard (IHE) provided the framework for the exchange of information on the entire care continuum in the course of the disease and treatment. This also ensures interoperability between different systems.

  • Benefit

    Improved Aftercare Treatment

    Within the framework of the joint project OncoBroker, sensitive data can be exchanged reliably, securely and quickly between participants in healthcare. For hospitals and medical practices, the digitized process considerably simplifies the work and administrative workload. There is no need for manual faxing or mailing of documents for patients, and the error rate, for example, due to incorrect address information, is significantly reduced. The effort for telephone follow-up is eliminated. The quality of care can thus be improved and the aftercare treatment can be optimized.
    Currently, OncoBroker is used for breast and colon cancer. OncoBroker is currently used for breast and colorectal cancer. In the future, this platform could also transmit data on cervical cancer from patients at St. Joseph-Stift Dresden. However, it could also be used for other diseases and by other medical institutions.

About the eHealth-Project OncoBroker

The e-Health project OncoBroker was initiated within the framework of “Smart City” by the Office for Economic Development of the state capital Dresden. The St. Joseph-Stift Hospital Dresden is involved as a project member in the field of health, while T-Systems MMS developed the communication platform. The Institut für Angewandte Informatik (InfAI) e. V. (Institute for Applied Computer Science ) is responsible for the software solution based on artificial intelligence for data viewing and provisioning. Furthermore, Carus Consilium Sachsen GmbH, as an associate member, advises project participants with regard to sustainability. The total financial volume of the project amounts to around one million euros, which is largely funded by the Free State of Saxony in accordance with the eHealth Sax funding guidelines. The project will run for three years.

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