PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH

Business innovation methodology for successful platform business

Benefit for our customer

Identification of new markets and growth areas

Ensuring future viability and competitiveness

Creation of unique selling points and differentiation from the competition

  • Requirements

    Ideas for a real market approach

    PRISMA operates the eponymous, Europe-leading trading platform for gas capacities, and has already captured 70 percent of the market. As the company's growth was stagnating as a result of the market's shift towards renewable energies, PRISMA decided to work with T-Systems MMS to proactively draw up sustainable ideas for developing new, promising business models.


Business Innovation Methodology for successful platform business

As one of the few strategic consultants worldwide that focus on platform business models, T-Systems MMS’ methodology expertise succeeded in convincing PRISMA. This involved using its proprietary “Platform Business Innovation Methodology” and a toolkit based on this, the “Platform Innovation Kit”. These can be used not only to develop realistic business scenarios, but also to give the customer a roadmap for implementing them. The practical method uses an integrated implementation strategy, highlights pitfalls, analyses the environment and displays macro-economic dependencies. The most promising approaches are evaluated and selected. As a result, two specific business models were drawn up, with the company being strategically positioned in the market.

  • Grafik: Erschließung neuer Potenziale dank der Platform Business Innovation Methodik


    Two sustainable use cases developed

    PRISMA and T-Systems MMS produced an overview of the future scenario. Using the business models generated, the company can expand its platform business in a structured way and exploit new, long-term growth potential. This means that PRISMA is well-equipped to safeguard and strengthen its position as market leader.

  • Thilo Kassen, Executive Manager PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH

    “The platform innovation kit is an excellent toolset to understand and create platform business models.”

About PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH

PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH operates Europe's leading trading platform for gas capacities. It auctions interconnection capacities from 36 European transmission system operators to gas traders. The energy specialist connects 16 markets and 540 partners. PRISMA holds an annual volume of 1.75 billion auctions. PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH's business activities are helping the competition-based, cross-border integration of natural gas markets, which is one of the European Commission's energy supply goals.

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