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Remote Diagnostics for Improved Road Safety

The REMONDIS Group is one of the world's largest private service companies in the recycling and water management business. REMONDIS provides comprehensive services for the industry and local authorities in the field of raw materials recycling and moves around 30 million tonnes of recyclable materials every year. The company is responsible for the entire logistics - from collection to transport to further handling.
To handle these diverse tasks, thousands of vehicles are in operation every day at around 800 locations worldwide. In order to create additional added value with the vehicles, REMONDIS wanted to link the road and environmental data, such as defects in traffic signs, which is automatically recorded by cameras, with a map basis and make it available to the local authorities as a service for sign maintenance. The solution, called DataFleet, was developed together with T-Systems MMS, which uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud for this purpose and provides a dashboard for an overview of all the data.

Customer Benefits

Expansion of the service portfolio to include additional services

Generation of additional added value of the vehicles used

Contribution to cost reduction for municipalities through digitization

  • Johannes Schön, Managing Director, REMONDIS Digital Services GmbH

    „DataFleet provides further added value for us in the use of our waste collection vehicles. With the T-Systems MMS team, we were able to implement the idea very quickly, despite unknown variables at the start of the project.“

Reference Overview


The smart camera data collected from waste collection vehicles should be uploaded to the cloud and displayed on a dashboard.


The provided MS Azure cloud solution is linked to the camera gateway and Leaflet is used as the map basis for the display in the dashboard.


An intelligent solution for cities and municipalities, with which defects from the street environment can be remedied in an optimized manner.

  • Requirements

    Provision of image data with added value

    The REMONDIS Group uses vehicles to collect, transport and process recyclable materials in communities. These vehicles drive along all the streets of a city or district at regular intervals. REMONDIS Digital Services GmbH developed the idea of using image data to create additional added value alongside waste collection: The automatically generated images of traffic signs could be reused for their maintenance by communities. T-Systems MMS was to develop a dashboard for this purpose that would display the condition of the traffic signs so that the cities and communities could plan their maintenance or repair even better.

  • Solution

    Providing image and map data for local authorities

    The cameras in REMONDIS' vehicles record the traffic signs on the routes traveled. The image data collected in the process is transmitted in coded form by a gateway and stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud with the respective location. There, they are linked to a cartographic background from Leaflet and can be viewed and used via a dashboard.
    T-Systems MMS has set up an Azure Cloud and adapted the architecture to the technical details of the gateway.

  • Benefits

    Remote diagnostics for improved road safety

    Together with T-Systems MMS, REMONDIS Digital Services GmbH created real added value for its vehicles already used in waste collection with new synergies. The solution expands the recycling company's service portfolio very efficiently, as it can be operated without any major additional effort.
    For those in charge of road authorities, the solution is an interesting proposition. On the dashboard, employees can use remote diagnostics to assess the condition of traffic signs online, for example, and in the event of poor condition, optimally plan the repair, cleaning or cutting free of plant growth and reduce their own time-consuming inspection trips. The timely provision of actual data can also contribute to road safety, as a quick response can be made when maintenance is required. The DataFleet solution can also be used for other applications, such as the detection of litter at the roadside or potholes.
    By offering this extended service to towns and communities, REMONDIS has created a unique selling point as a recycling service provider and is able to set itself apart from its competitors.


With 36,000 employees, the REMONDIS Group is one of the world's largest private service companies in the water and recycling sector and has branches and shares in companies in 34 countries, including not only the countries of the European Union but also China, India, Taiwan and Australia

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