Leave the Beaten Track, Break new Ground with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

The medium-sized company REUTER TECHNOLOGIE is managed in a passionate family business by family Reuter. Long-standing, personal relationships with the customer base of the manufacturer of cooling solutions characterize the cooperation. In order to reach the next level of customer service and sales efficiency, REUTER TECHNOLOGIE is breaking new ground: the digitization of the sales process, supported by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales platform.

  • Karl-Heinz Reuter, Owner and Business Manager, REUTER TECHNOLOGIE GmbH

    “With the T-Systems MMS team, we have implemented the individual possibilities of MS Dynamics 365 in a competent and pleasant dialogue very precisely for our needs. By networking with other CRM tools, we have also achieved a new quality of transparency, speed and customer proximity. ”

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Digitization of sales processes and introduction of a CRM system


Testing and implementing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales platform


All customer data and interactions in one place thanks to integration of the CRM system
MS Dynamics 365

  • Initial Situation

    In medium-sized companies, the personal relationship between customers and sales staff is of paramount importance. Up to now, incoming contact and order enquiries have been received by sales via calls, e-mails or the website form and processed individually. Most of these contacts were managed and developed with the help of Microsoft Outlook and Excel lists. The offer creation finally ended up in the ERP system, the dispatch was taken over again by Microsoft Outlook. The challenges involved in this process were slowly but surely and in different places: Knowledge about the sales process was found in the inboxes of various employees and could not be accessed or only delayed if the persons concerned were unavailable. Although the ERP system was able to display customer histories as desired, it was not possible to draw sufficient conclusions on how to increase the quality of service. Last but not least, REUTER TECHNOLOGIE plans to involve an external service provider more closely in the sales process, which was not easily possible due to the aforementioned initial situation. The use of a CRM system should turn these challenges into future opportunities.

  • Solution

    REUTER TECHNOLOGIE was extremely open and open-minded towards the digitalization of its sales processes and had already made the decision to rely on MS Dynamics 365 due to its Microsoft-influenced working environment. Only the right partner for implementation and introduction was still missing for the medium-sized company. In an initial consultation by T-Systems MMS, we discussed how the lead process can be digitally mapped and deepened the joint collaboration at the end. Subsequently, the lead process was created and tested in a test environment of MS Dynamics 365 Sales. During the test phase, minor adjustments were required, as REUTER TECHNOLOGIE is not a manufacturer of standard or catalogue goods but manufactures individual cooling assemblies for its customers. After this intensive test phase, during which the T-Systems MMS was able to implement the specific requirements of REUTER TECHNOLOGIE with great flexibility, the process was finally successfully transferred to production operations and is now available to the employees of REUTER TECHNOLOGIE in its CI/CD. Last but not least, MS Outlook was integrated in order to transfer the communication that takes place there directly into the customer data records in the new MS Dynamics 365 CRM system.

  • Customer Benefit and Outlook

    Keeping all customer data and interactions in one place - this goal was achieved by REUTER TECHNOLOGIE after the launch of the CRM platform, thus creating transparency about the status of all leads and sales opportunities in the sales process. By linking it with the offer information from the ERP system, customer and order history can be merged, creating a uniform and transparent view of all processes. User trainings as well as individual training documents for REUTER TECHNOLOGIE employees to optimize the use of the new system round off the introduction of MS Dynamics 365.

    The journey of REUTER TECHNOLOGIE into the new possibilities of MS Dynamics 365 has just begun: By mapping the complete sales process in MS Dynamics 365 and seamlessly integrating with other Microsoft products, such as Outlook, Teams and SharePoint, not only internal and external communication channels can be profitably merged, but also the complete Sales activities and the resulting results are measured and evaluated accordingly. This will make it easier to identify optimization potentials in the future, which will further drive the sales power of REUTER TECHNOLOGIE even further.


REUTER TECHNOLOGIE develops individual cooling solutions for demanding applications in high-tech industries. Innovative joining technologies, high-precision manufacturing processes and excellent engineering characterize the company. Especially in vacuum soldering, it is one of the world’s leading companies. The company’s customers include innovative companies and development laboratories from the semiconductor industry, thin film technology, photonics, optics, analytics, sensor technology and mechanical engineering.

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