After Corporate Merger: Microsoft 365 for Improved Teamwork

SachsenEnergie AG is the largest municipal energy service provider in eastern Germany. The company emerged from DREWAG – Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH (DREWAG) and Energie Sachsen Ost AG (ENSO) at the beginning of 2021. With modern, market-oriented solutions for electricity, gas, heating, water, broadband/telecommunications, electromobility and smart services, the SachsenEnergie Group contributes to the quality of life in Dresden and the region.
Modern working environments are created for the employees of SachsenEnergie. The company is currently facing the challenge of further optimizing and harmonizing processes and systems.
T-Systems MMS supports SachsenEnergie with change management for Microsoft 365.

Customer Benefit

The unified IT infrastructure simplifies internal collaboration

New collaboration opportunities contribute to the further integration of the teams

Accelerated processes increase productivity and efficiency

  • Juliane Marschner, Digital Office / Strategic Development, SachsenEnergie AG

    „Microsoft Teams is used very intensively by our employees today – the best proof of successful change management! T-Systems MMS has been very committed and professional in supporting us.“

Reference Summary


Establishment of a uniform IT workstation for all employees


Support of the change process in establishing Microsoft 365 and Teams 


Improved collaboration within the teams, unified, simplified and efficient processes

  • Requirements

    A unified and modern working environment for all employees

    By its very nature, mergers of companies bring about major changes: Different Corporate cultures and processes, different organizational structures, working methods and management styles have to be brought together, employees have to be picked up. DREWAG and ENSO also came from different IT worlds – they were terminal and PC-based.
    SachsenEnergie wants to create modern working environments for all employees, which contributes to intensive teamwork and improved collaboration in all areas. A key component of this is a uniform IT infrastructure, for which new tools must be introduced. Energy service provider T-Systems MMS asked for support for change management, user adoption and training.

  • Solution

    Microsoft 365 and Teams for the Digital Workplace

    SachsenEnergie relies on Microsoft to create a uniform IT workplace for all employees 365. For this purpose, an internal change management team has been established. T-Systems MMS advised the working group strategically and supported and coached all phases of the change process.
    As a first step, Teams had to be introduced as a collaboration tool, in particular to improve the collaboration of employees from different areas and, for example, to enable shared access to documents. The calendar, chat and video conferencing functions of teams also contribute significantly to good teamwork, especially under Corona conditions, as many employees work mobile from home.
    In order to familiarize all employees with the functions of the new tools and to exploit their potential right from the start, T-Systems conducted MMS trainings and workshops. In addition, the new work experts from T-Systems MMS supported the change management team in the areas of communication, sponsorship, coaching and resistance management, such as specific communication activities such as blog posts and videos, or the creation of user manuals and flyers. In addition, T-Systems provided MMS support in community management as well as planning and implementation of events.

  • Benefit

    Improved, Efficient Collaboration

    Using Microsoft 365 merges together IT infrastructure and the employees of the formerly separated companies. The new tools create the conditions for all colleagues to be able to work with the same technical equipment. Due to the careful introduction of MS teams, combined with a lot of empathy and intensive internal communication, the change process was optimally designed and led to success, which impressively demonstrates the strong use of MS teams. The collaboration tool simplifies and accelerates the coordination processes between each other, which is particularly important due to the frequent Corona-related work from the home office.
    As a result, not only have the workflows become more uniform, but also the teams continue to grow together. With Microsoft 365, a common foundation has been created that contributes to the sense of us of the employees and to the identification with the new company. Costs for different hardware and software licenses from different providers can also be saved.

About SachsenEnergie AG

SachsenEnergie is a regional leader in the energy sector and provides modern, market-oriented solutions for electricity, gas, heat, water, telecommunications, electromobility and smart services for the best quality of life in our home region. Over 3,300 employees are committed to providing comprehensive services of general interest to people and businesses in Dresden and the region every day. As the largest municipal utility provider in eastern Germany, we see ourselves as the creator of an intelligent energy transition and continuously drive the growth of renewable energies, invest in the expansion of regional infrastructure and guarantee the security of supply of tomorrow with the networks of the future.

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