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A new lorry toll was introduced in Belgium on April 1st, 2016. For this purpose, all lorries with a total permitted weight of over 3.5 tons that use Belgian roads have to be fitted with a functioning on-board unit (OBU) to calculate the toll.
The three Belgian regions, Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, had ordered a satellite-supported toll system for lorries of over 3.5 tons from Satellic NV. T-Systems International owns 76 percent of Satellic, while STRABAG owns 24 percent.

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    The Task

    Simple toll processing

    The on-board unit would use GPS satellite signals to determine the vehicle's location and route. It would calculate the toll to be collected, which would be worked out based on the number of kilometres driven on a particular route. The tariffs would also be based on the vehicle's total permitted weight, its European emission standard and the road type and region. The owner would get an overview of the sum they have to pay Satellic.


Convenient, intuitive self-service platform

To make the system as easy as possible to use for freight and haulage companies and for their drivers, Satellic delivered an intuitive, highly accessible, user-friendly toll portal – developed in collaboration with T-Systems MMS. In addition to being able to order on-board units via this web portal, users can also access a number of self-serve service and support functions. Another feature is that lorry drivers can install the on-board units themselves.
The web-based toll portal also enables users to register vehicles themselves, access bills, manage vehicles and analyse the traffic lane display. Thus it provides answers to questions such as: “Where did the vehicle begin its journey?” and “How many kilometres has it covered in the last few days?” The satellite-supported toll portal is modular and based on open standard technologies. This makes it easier to integrate other add-on services.
The on-board unit for lorries can be ordered via the road user portal and sent through the post, or purchased using terminals in Belgium, and is installed by the users themselves.

  • Benefits

    User-friendliness encourages user acceptance

    For operators, the portal is a modern, digital tool which is easy to use and thus enjoys a high acceptance rate. It also saves time, money and resources. As the web application is multilingual, it is available to a large number of users. Satellic has now more than 600,000 vehicles registered for the lorry toll in Belgium. Between 130,000 and 140,000 toll-paying lorries travel Belgium's roads every working day.

About Satellic NV

Satellic is a Belgian company based in Diegem. It was set up by T-Systems International and STRABAG, who both have extensive experience in the toll collection systems area. In July 2014, the three Belgian regions, Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels, chose Satellic to collect, on their behalf, the toll for lorries with a total permitted weight of over 3.5 tons. This means that Satellic committed to plan, set up, fund, maintain and operate the entire toll system. The contract given to Satellic NV by Viapass, the Belgian agency responsible, is to run for 12 years.

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