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Digital color selection from SAP cloud

Schwan Cosmetics, the world market leader in development and manufacturing of cosmetic pencils, has digitized the color selection process for its cosmetics portfolio together with T-Systems MMS. With the application Color Visualizer, the company is advancing the digital transformation in the cosmetic industry. Core processes are thereby redesigned and enable more efficient ways of collaboration with customers.

Customer benefits

Immediate overview of all 12,000 cosmetic colors from the portfolio with integrated sample request process

High-resolution visualization of colors under different light settings

Automatic suggestions of similar matches for the desired colors

Reference overview


Easy access for the customer to all 12,000 colors and the corresponding textures, including comparison with own desired colors.


Implementation of a SAP Business Technology Platform application with digital mapping of the entire range of sample colors using more than 50,000 data records of different colorings.


With Color Visualizer, thousands of colors from the portfolio can be found and compared in a matter of seconds.

  • Alexander Sarkissian, Digital Portfolio and Initiative Manager at Schwan Cosmetics

    „The application simply and playfully solves a fundamental problem in the process of color sampling, whereby the entire color portfolio can be viewed with just a few clicks. With T-Systems MMS, we also have a strong partner by our side in this project and we have jointly developed a prototype in short time, which is far much better than our original idea. The next release is already in pipeline.“
  • Requirements

    Rethinking the color selection process

    If customers of Schwan Cosmetics want to launch a new cosmetic line in the market, then the color ideas must be first exchanged. So far, an employee of Schwan Cosmetics sought for possible color variations from 12,000 colors in the warehouse and sent the sample pencils to the customer via post. Until a final decision was made, this lengthy and costly process may have to be repeated several times. That is why the customer should have a complete view of the entire color range from Schwan Cosmetics right from the start, in order to quickly get the desired colors.

  • Solution

    Connect digital colors with ERP data- through SAP cloud

    Using modern technologies such as Angular2 and Spring Boot, T-Systems MMS was able to implement an attractive and intuitive application based on the SAP Business Technology Platform. With Color Visualizer, the user can directly define a desired color by selecting a color from a self-uploaded picture. The application suggests similar colors to the user from the portfolio. The color selection can be further filtered as required, for example according to application areas such as the eye or lips. In order to enable this, Color Visualizer uses SAP ERP data directly via SAPCloud. Thereby, it is ensured that the used data is from the productive environment and is always up to date.

  • Benefits

    Efficient and user-friendly processes

    The manual search for suitable color samples in the warehouse and their dispatch is now much less common - this saves time and money for all parties involved. Thus, the digitization of the color palette improves not only the efficiency of the color selection process, but also the customer experience for Schwan Cosmetics customers: They can now be actively involved in the color selection and become creative themselves. All 12,000 cosmetic colors are now available at a click and are visualized in high resolution under various light settings. In addition, customers receive automatic match suggestions for colors, which are most similar to their desired color. An integrated sample request process complements the customer journey.

About Schwan Cosmetics

Schwan Cosmetics is the world market leader in the development and manufacturing of cosmetic pencils and has around 3,000 employees in nine production facilities around the globe. With the Digital Studio, the company has a new department since 2017, which drives digital transformation in the beauty industry. Schwan Cosmetics is headquartered in Heroldsberg near Nuremberg and has nine subsidiaries in eight countries. The private label manufacturer is a wholly owned subsidiary of the internationally active family-owned company Schwan-STABILO.

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