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Service-Bund, a grouping of medium-sized food wholesalers for bulk consumers, had been using an online shop for some time. But, given the increasing digitalisation in the sector, its current version was anything other than up-to-the-minute. So T-Systems MMS gave the company a new, cutting-edge eCommerce platform which is efficient, customer-focused and -friendly, featuring modern service modules. It is easy to add product placements, for example, or product videos.

  • Requirements

    Modernising the digital sales channel

    30 wholesalers are currently involved in the Service-Bund initiative. They take orders from restaurants, hotels and large-scale kitchens in their shared online shop. Of course, as in any kitchen, speed is a top priority. And the shop has to be able to cope with heavy demand. The new solution also had to be able to represent the individual character of each distributor. So even with a basic platform and basic functions, the distributors also need to be able to map their own prices, design and specific products. Therefore the solution had to have a client capability. There had to be interfaces to the companies’ inventory management systems and the shop had to have analytics functions.


A modern shop catering to heavy demand

For the Service-Bund's online shop , T-Systems MMS created a cutting-edge shop architecture based on IBM Websphere Commerce. All the development, hosting, operations and testing were supplied from a single source. This ensures that it will be scalable for years to come, since the Service-Bund also aims to maximise future sales via the digital channel. The users can easily maintain their content there themselves, while still enjoying the benefits of an efficient, standard platform. Special offers can easily be promoted there, and the shop is responsive, of course. This means that a cook can place an order straight from their kitchen using a smartphone or tablet, for example. There are plans for a native app which users who are offline – in the cold store, for example – can use to record orders. As soon as they are online again, the app will automatically place the orders.

  • Benefits

    Efficient, bespoke and fully functional

    In terms of design, customers see a bespoke version of their favourite distributor's shop, but a single, powerful eCommerce platform is working for all 30 distributors in the background. An efficient data management system ensures that prices can be modified in real time, and the shop is permanently connected to each Service-Bund distributor's inventory management system. The modern technology enables buying behaviour to be analysed, for example by order type or purchase volume. The shop also enables the latest, customised marketing techniques – own brands are given their own space on separate pages to be promoted there. Product videos can also be added, and there will soon be a capability to integrate recipe suggestions.

About Service-Bund

Service-Bund was established in 1973 as a grouping of medium-sized food wholesalers for bulk consumers. The initiative aimed to bundle services and strengthen the individual distributors. This grouping, initially focused on purchasing, has grown into a powerful, nationwide organisation with strong purchasing and sales services. With a workforce of 3,200, the about 50,000 customers generate 919 million euros in revenues.

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