SID state-owned company

Holistic quality assurance of digital citizen services

The Sächsische Informatik Dienste (SID) state-owned company chooses T-Systems MMS to help with the quality assurance for their eGovernment platform and the Free State of Saxony's many digital processes. Depending on the need and the process, SID can access a pool of services, including the entire testing process and various types of testing.

Benefits to our Customer:

Independently tested digital processes are used in the Free State of Saxony

Resources are deployed flexibly and relieve the burden on individual departments

SID's in-house skills supplemented by targeted quality assurance training for staff in individual departments


Different departments, different requirements, one solution

SID is responsible for things such as developing, introducing, operating and maintaining IT processes and IT infrastructure in the Free State of Saxony and relevant downstream agencies. As part of this role, the various departments deal with all sorts of requirements within the state's political context – from geo-information systems and public portals, through public and local application platforms, to payment systems. Testing services for the various applications are an essential part of quality assurance. For when the eGovernment platform is unavailable or working incorrectly, reputations can be badly damaged and some administrative processes can grind to a halt.
To counteract this, and to achieve, from the very beginning, the best possible quality for the eGovernment platform and associated processes, SID looked for a testing provider that could support them with all-round quality assurance for the multitude of processes as they implement eGovernment legislation. In a public invitation to tender published in 2015, T-Systems MMS came out on top as a result of outstanding results and reliable work done on previous projects, and has since been SID's reliable testing and quality assurance partner.

  • Solution

    Thorough testing process for all digital public services

    As part of the partnership, quality assurance services are delivered for the various applications on the eGovernment platform and other processes in the Free State of Saxony. These cover the entire testing process: from consultancy and testing strategy, through test management, test design and test data generation, to the testing itself, error management and test analysis.
    T-Systems MMS uses the entire testing services portfolio to do this, and provides support to the various section in terms of functional testing, interface testing, failover and recovery testing, performance and load testing and security testing.

    As part of the all-round quality assurance approach, T-Systems MMS also advises SID on IT security issues and is helping to develop SID's in-house skills in the testing area. For example, experienced trainers from T-Systems MMS’ Test and Integration Center provide training and certification for staff based on ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), an internationally recognised standard for software testing.


Highly available and reliable

SID is receiving excellent support in terms of assuring the quality of its public services, thanks to its wide-ranging partnership with T-Systems MMS’ certified testers. This means that mistakes in public services, unavailable services and restrictions in an application's usability are as much a thing of the past as a delayed go-live due to quality requirements not being satisfied.
And T-Systems MMS are giving SID's staff additional training in order to enhance skill levels in the various departments.
Certified T-Systems MMS testers can be deployed flexibly, depending on project plans. As the Test and Integration Center receives regular accreditation from the German Accreditation Centre (DAkkS), SID benefits from a reliable, recognised software testing laboratory with over 250 specialists, so it is well-prepared for future developments in IT and the law.

  • René Spengler, Senior Sales Consultant T-Systems Multimedia Solutions

    René Spengler, Senior Sales Consultant T-Systems MMS

    "We support the Free State of Saxony regarding the quality assurance of its IT processes and web presences. In doing so, the different platforms and requirements pose a special challenge. With high subject-specific expertise within a trustful collaboration we ensure successful single projects and with that the highest possible customer satisfaction."

About the SID state-owned company

The state-owned SID (Sächsische Informatik Dienste) company is the principal IT services provider for the Saxony state administration. It uses cutting-edge IT to help deliver administrative services. SID is the main contact for all of its clients’ IT issues, and it provides high-quality, reliable, service-oriented IT solutions, e.g. in terms of developing, introducing, operating and maintaining IT processes and IT infrastructure, centralised IT procurement, IT consultancy and specific security strategies.

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