Modern online channel for more customer proximity

Siemens’ health insurance fund (SBK) is gearing up for the digital future and to improve contact with its customers: it contracted T-Systems MMS to relaunch a brand new version of This involved restructuring over 3,000 web pages belonging to the statutory health insurance fund and converting the core applications to web services. With its responsive design, the application will display clearly on any device.
Regular, automated testing ensures maximum performance. T-Systems MMS provide 2nd and 3rd level support to guarantee that operations run smoothly. A wide-ranging data protection strategy ensures the platform is secure, while the website is being hosted in a T-Systems data centre with the most stringent security standards in Germany.

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    Website relaunched with new content structure, high quality display and secure operations

    To create one of the most modern websites in the industry and thus contribute to excellent customer service for the more than one million policyholders - that was SBK's claim.

    So the relaunch was going to require a fundamental realignment in terms of design, technology and display. As part of the new “Content first” web strategy, the task involved screening and restructuring 3,000 pages of content, modernising the system architecture and updating applications and system modules.

    Another key requirement was that users should be able to flexibly access the insurer's services from whatever their device, browser version or resolution.

    And, for end customers, the hosting and running of the application had to be secure, high quality and high performing. The platform would also need to be capable of being upgraded on an ongoing basis.

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    Top quality achieved with a responsive design, a new content strategy, maximum performance and a high degree of security

    The SBK completely realigned its online channel to make the new SBK client website user-friendly, intuitive and distinctive. In collaboration with T-Systems MMS, the content was re-processed and integrated into a new structure. To dynamically customise the website to suit any screen size and any device, the T-Systems MMS specialists created a responsive framework for the TYPO3 content management system.
    A style guide laid down the guidelines for its visual appearance. This means that the website can continue to be supported and added to in a way that is fully compatible with the corporate identity. Before the main channel was actually relaunched, SBK's digital marketing formats were upgraded to operate securely as subject-specific microsites.
    The largest company health insurance fund also had its most important online communication channel realigned in terms of IT – as part of the migration, the system architecture for the core applications was converted to modern web services, and third party applications and partner content were seamlessly integrated.

Regular automated and manual testing ensures the best possible performance and stability. An extensive data protection plan ensures that the high-availability platform is secure. The flexibly designed hosting is based at a German T-Systems data centre with the most stringent security standards. A diverse 2nd and 3rd level service team at T-Systems MMS ensures that the high-performance operations flow is smooth and stable, and responds quickly to service enquiries and faults – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Benefits for our customers

Excellent service and customer confidence

The modern content strategy and responsive design have created a distinctive user experience. And SBK’s approach has been recognised – in 2015 the fund won an award for its excellent customer service, online being part of that.

T-Systems MMS’ hosting of the application has also had a positive impact – the platform as a whole is more secure, more stable and easier to maintain, while costs have fallen considerably. This security creates trust in more than one million insured people who use the SBK website.

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    Interview with Nils Wietelmann (SBK)

    “Digital change” as the greatest challenge for technology, organisation and HR

    Nils Wietelmann, Product Manager Online & Mobile, has explained in an interview how important digital change is to SBK. One of SBK's goals is to gradually increase the range of digital services available in order to reduce the organisational load and offer customers more benefits. He believes that having a user-friendly frontend design is a key success factor.

    It is also important to work with a competent service provider who will provide end-to-end monitoring of the platform, says Wietelmann, “This cuts costs, because synergies can be exploited and collaboration becomes more efficient.” It also helps enormously to work closely with a fixed point of contact at T-Systems MMS and regularly discuss issues relating to operations, development and communication.

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