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From the local intranet to Info Cockpit 2.0

Stadler + Schaaf is one of the leading companies in the fields of plant engineering, measurement & control technology and automation. To date, the company operated an intranet based on the on-premise solution SharePoint Server for almost 1,000 employees at 26 locations. In order to better reach the field staff in particular, a new intranet should be implemented, which can also be accessed on mobile devices. Stadler + Schaaf sought the support of T-Systems MMS for the relaunch. The new hybrid SharePoint application “Info-Cockpit 2. 0” received the INKOMETA Award in the category “Intranet & Digital Workplace.”

Customer Benefit

Efficient work even for field staff thanks to mobile access

Secure local data storage and modern cloud application thanks to hybrid solution

Unified look and feel thanks to uniform templates for all environments

Joachim Braun, Representative Digitalization

„The name reveals it: With the “Info-Cockpit 2. 0”, we want to offer sales staff an added value. This has been achieved thanks to the support of T-Systems MMS."

Reference Summary


Migration of the existing intranet to a cloud-based environment



Creation of a hybrid environment between SharePoint Server 2019 and Share Point Online and use of the Valo framework



Access to all information also from mobile devices, easier content creation through uniform templates


  • Requirements

    Mobile Access on the Intranet

    The Intranet based on SharePoint Server 2019, previously used by Stadler + Schaaf On-Premise, was well accepted by the employees. This was particularly true for the field staff who assemble measurement technology, automation solutions or control cabinets at customers' premises. However, access to the company’s internal wiki as an important source of information for use on site at the customer’s premises was not possible with mobile devices. The new “Info-Cockpit 2. 0” was intended to remedy this shortcoming. In the next phase of expansion, state-of-the-art cloud technologies should also be used. The requirements analysis carried out by T-Systems MMS also showed that particularly confidential information should remain within the local infrastructure. In addition, it was important to create all information in a simple and uniform way using templates.

  • Solution

    Hybrid SharePoint Solutions with VALO-Framework

    To meet the requirements of Stadler + Schaaf, T-Systems MMS decided to use Microsoft SharePoint online as an addition to the locally deployed SharePoint Server 2019. A VALO framework is used to connect both applications. This out-of-the-box solution for intranets offers the ability to deliver a consistent user experience with the same look and build across mobile devices and desktops. T-Systems MMS adapted the framework to the workflows of Stadler + Schaaf and trained the editors in the application. In addition, T-Systems MMS supported the editors and employees in the first pilot phase and migrated the contents of the previous intranet.
    The newly developed hybrid solution combines the desired local data storage of confidential information with the advantages of a cloud environment. To this end, T-Systems MMS has set up the necessary Azure environment and SharePoint services as well as made basic security settings.

  • Benefits

    Consistent Look-and-Feel across all devices

    With the new "Info Cockpit 2.0", Stadler + Schaaf employees can now access all information much more easily, quickly and from any location. The increased user-friendliness not only pays off in terms of user acceptance, but also contributes to greater efficiency.
    Since content editors use the same templates in both environments - via mobile access as well as via the desktop app - a consistent look and feel is guaranteed. The newly created administrative dashboards also facilitate the handling of the "Info Cockpit 2.0".
    The regular updates from the manufacturer Microsoft are distributed centrally. This ensures permanent up-to-dateness and a high level of security in both environments. At the same time, the maintenance effort for the application is reduced. Since local data storage is still possible with "Info-Cockpit 2.0", Stadler + Schaaf's security requirements can be met.
    By winning the INKOMETA Award 2021 in the category "Intranet & Digital Workplace", Stadler + Schaaf can also draw attention to itself in the field of internal communication and position itself as an innovative company.

About Stadler + Schaaf

Founded in 1982 in Offenbach, Stadler + Schaaf offers electrical, instrumentation and control equipment as well as automation systems, industrial IT and plants from a single source. Present at over 27 locations in Germany and Austria, the company is also active worldwide for industrial customers.

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