Stadtwerke Eisenberg

Customer Loyalty and Process Efficiency Through Successful System Combination

  • Task and Target

    A Service Portal With a Future

    Companies in the utility industry are facing difficult challenges. On the one side, they have to meet the requirements of the legislator, such as offering time-of-day and load-variable rates and billing during the year; on the other side, utilities are facing increased competitive pressure. In order to retain customers, they must offer attractive value-added services that differentiate them from the competition. In order to implement these requirements in concrete terms via an online portal for end customers, Stadtwerke Eisenberg entrusted T-Systems MMS with the following tasks:
    • Modeling and implementation of efficient, legally compliant business processes in the portal solution
    • Content, visual and technical conception of the portal front end
    • Preparation and visualization of consumption data in compliance with data protection guidelines
    • Mapping of tariff selection and contract conclusion
    • Integration of additional value-added services such as contract insight, rate calculator, marketing functions and extensive store functionalities in a complete shopping cart process
    • Integration into existing IT systems, simplification of interfaces and avoidance of media breaks

  • Solution and Implementation

    Serviceportal With Smart-Metering-Visualisation and E-Commerce

    The basis for solving these tasks was the comprehensive analysis and modeling of the business processes, taking full account of legal requirements. On this foundation, a self-service portal based on Intershop Enfinity 6.4 was developed and implemented. The solution processes current electricity and gas consumption data to the hour and visualizes it in a customer-oriented manner. Self-service, smart metering visualization and e-commerce are seamlessly linked. Customers can select their desired tariff according to their needs and conclude the contract directly online. A convenient rate calculator helps customers select the optimum rate. Extensive store functionalities such as catalog management, shopping cart processes or cross-selling features enable the direct sale of own and third-party products related to energy saving.

Scope of services

✓ Consulting


✓ Analysis and modeling of business processes according to legal requirements

✓ Content and technical conception of the portal


✓ Realization and implementation

✓ Integration into the existing IT environment


✓ Maintenance and further development of the portal

  • Customer Benefit

    Modern Customer Loyalty

    The efficient combination of self-service portal, smart metering visualization and e-commerce offers customers clear plus points that put energy suppliers one step ahead from the competition. Billing during the year enables transparent information, increases customer satisfaction and counteracts bad debt losses. Additional value-added services of the portal ensure regular use and interaction and intensify customer relations and loyalty. The store sale of products in the energy environment offers new revenue potential and sharpens the profile of the energy supplier as a customer-oriented service provider. Self-services and the Internet-based integration of back-office systems also noticeably increase the efficiency of customer-related processes and employee productivity. The positive side effects: shorter processing times and satisfied customers. Energy providers also score points on the cost side: thanks to seamless integration into the IT landscape, reduced maintenance effort for interfaces and processes without media breaks.

About Stadtwerke Eisenberg

Stadtwerke Eisenberg GmbH is the distribution network operator for electricity and gas in Eisenberg. It also ensures the basic supply of electricity and gas in the local network area. In addition, Stadtwerke Eisenberg offers a range of alternative electricity and gas supply contracts ("Land-Strom", "Stadt-Strom", etc.) in Eisenberg and the surrounding area.

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