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Telekom-help-community unites 360,000 customers

Attractive service offers via (self-)service portals on the Internet offer the chance to reduce enquiries and costs, to strengthen customer loyalty and to achieve positive differentiation from competitors. Deutsche Telekom used to have a service forum and feedback and business community to respond to enquiries from both business as well as private customers on the web.
However, social media can deliver a lot more in this case. The exchange of ideas in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as well as technical contributions in blogs and customer evaluations about products and services help to spread and make use of the knowledge and experience of other customers. It was against this background that Telekom Deutschland turned to T-Systems MMS in order to replace the existing platforms for different target groups with a shared community with comprehensive social functionality.

  • Solution

    Lively community thanks to customer-helps-customer approach

    In the newly created Telekom-helps community it is now possible for both private and business customers to ask questions and offer solutions according to the principle of "customer helps customer". This enables Telekom to provide a full, fast and constructive answer when responding actively to their customers' wishes and at the same time to give them the opportunity to contribute their own valuable knowledge and to network.
    A comprehensive gamification concept and a detailed system of roles and rights serve to motivate users. User rankings, awards in the form of badges, the identification and development of super users and rating options for responses and content form the basis for a lively exchange of ideas and for finding solutions within the community fast. External information and discussions are possible thanks to the integration of Facebook and Twitter. The content from predecessor platforms also serves as a knowledge base. All the previous customer contributions – numbering over one million – have been migrated to the new community.


Smooth transition from classic to social media community

The new Telekom-helps community on a Lithium platform has completely replaced the previous forums. The existing online services were migrated to an overall community platform. It now brings together 360,000 community members in a web-based dialogue. The transition was completely seamless for users. All user profiles were converted for use in the new community. It is possible to access the community via a single sign-on connection using a Telekom login ID or via a Facebook login ID. This increases the coverage compared with the previous platforms. The user-friendly interface in Telekom design ensures fast recognition, short familiarisation times and ease of use.
The range of services provided by T-Systems MMS in the course of this project included consulting services, e.g. for the information architecture, as well as community building, system integration, front-end development and the implementation of gamification features. After initial implementation the platform was put through its pace in a closed beta test and, in response to the user feedback, further developed for the public launch.
With its new Telekom-helps community Deutsche Telekom is opening up a new, interactive communications and service channel for its customers. For their part, customers benefit from the rapid provision of a solution without having to contact service staff directly. At the same time, they can contribute their expertise and ideas, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and higher customer loyalty and transforming customers into brand ambassadors. Furthermore, IT costs and effort have been significantly reduced since a standardised SaaS platform is used.

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