Intuitive Operation of New Tool with Smart User Guide

For about 150 years, experts from TÜV Rheinland have been checking systems, products and processes making sure that existing safety standards are being met. In addition, the testing service provider with its more than 20,000 employees supports innovative technical solutions, offers advanced training and certifies management systems according to international standards. To ensure the reliability and security of systems in business and everyday life, TÜV Rheinland consistently uses the opportunities offered by digitization. The optimization of internal processes is also part of this. As part of its ongoing digitization program, the Products division has implemented the new business platform ComPASS. With the tool End2End customer projects are handled consistently worldwide. To enable its employees to operate this highly complex solution intuitively, TÜV Rheinland relies on the digital adoption platform WalkMe in collaboration with Telekom and T-Systems MMS.

Customer Benefit

Intuitive user guidance contributes to rapid familiarization and promotes user acceptance

The minimized training effort leads to time and cost savings

The low error and abort rate enables efficient work processes

  • Sebastian Müller, Business Officer Information Management at TÜV Rheinland

    „WalkMe offers intuitive in-app learning for a variety of applications. The problems of classic tool training such as different or low training effects are a thing of the past, test phase and rollout are multilingual and simultaneous. This allowed the team to test the new business solution at TÜV Rheinland’s Products division worldwide and we conducted a centralized rollout ."

Reference Summary


Supporting all employees during the simultaneous introduction of a new, complex business solution throughout the Group



WalkMe as permanently available, smart assistant and digital user guide with intuitive user guidance



Employees can quickly and easily learn to master the ComPASS tool with minimal training effort


  • Requirements

    Digital Guide to Intelligently Accompany Tool Introduction

    With the target to adapt internal processes even more flexibly to customer requirements, the product division of TÜV Rheinland introduced ComPASS as a central business tool. In order enable the employees to use this application quickly and easily, a digital assistant shall guide them through the highly complex software. The digital adoption platform WalkMe was chosen, which ensures intuitive operation. This digital assistant was intended to replace the complex classic training concept for employees. TÜV Rheinland brought T-Systems MMS on board as a partner to deal with this task.

  • Solution

    Using complex IT applications intuitively with WalkMe

    Global employees can access the multilingual ComPASS tool via a browser interface from any PC, test it with WalkMe and use it in everyday work.
    In this digitization project, T-Systems MMS was responsible for project management, implementation, employee training and technical support.
    Intelligent “smart tips”, step-by-step instructions and program guides help users navigate intuitively through ComPASS. For user support, T-Systems MMS has developed various use cases for various work steps and problem cases, so-called WalkThrus. WalkMe guides – from automated click paths to how-to videos to program tours – can be further developed. If users have any questions or problems, the project team will set up new WalkThrus within a few minutes, which will help them overcome these stumbling blocks.

  • Benefit

    High usability and acceptance with low training effort

    With the roll-out of ComPASS, all employees of the product division worldwide were able to start the test phase and then the use phase at the same time. The digital adoption platform WalkMe navigates users quickly and reliably through the new business tool. This reduces the error and cancellation rate and thus contributes to user acceptance of ComPASS. In this way, WalkMe ensures efficient workflows.
    The digital user guide replaces lengthy training sessions with intuitive user guidance in real-life operation. With WalkMe, the classic training concept becomes a phased-out model, and the cost and time expenditure for training employees is significantly reduced.

About TÜV Rheinland AG

TÜV Rheinland AG is an internationally active, economically and professionally independent testing service provider based in Cologne. With annual sales of 2 billion euros and more than 20,000 employees, 9,000 of them in Germany, the company is one of the world's leading testing service providers. As new technologies develop, the company is also transforming itself, digitizing its classic testing business and developing new services to help its customers make their products safer in the digital world as well.

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