A Contemporary Appearance for VACOM due to the e-business Platform

VACOM Vakuum Komponenten & Messtechnik GmbH is one of the leading European suppliers of vacuum technology. Since its foundation in 1992 in Jena, VACOM has not only served customers in the high-tech sector around vacuum mechanics, but is also a specialist supplier for future technologies developed by VACOM in close collaboration with renowned research institutions. VACOM is strongly rooted in the founding home country and actively promotes young scientists. From the technology and production center with state-of-the-art machines and systems, the cleanroom and the logistics center, the approximately 350 employees of VACOM also deliver the products via the webshop around the world.
As state-of-the-art and innovative as the technologies developed are, the website and the separate webshop couldn’t keep up with the times. For this reason, VACOM turned to T-Systems MMS to completely redesign the corporate website and the webshop and combine it into a new, unified and user-friendly platform according to the latest standards.

Benefit for our Customer

Uniform and user-friendly brand presence according to the latest standards

Sales increase thanks to new webshop

Stronger market positioning also outside Germany

Reference at a Glance


Consolidate the various customer touchpoints and create a new brand representation


An e-business platform with a new, user-friendly friendly design combines website and webshop


Increased sales and strengthened market positioning also outside Germany

  • Requirements

    Website and Webshop United in a new Design

    Corporate website and webshop ran at VACOM on two different domains. Over the years, this was outdated and had a decisive disadvantage for VACOM: The customer touchpoints were just as distributed and difficult to analyse. For the customers, the division meant a greater effort and a not smooth management of use. The design and architecture of the company’s appearance no longer reflected the modernity and innovative strength of the company.
    For VACOM, T-Systems MMS was to revise the entire corporate image and consolidate it into a unified platform. From requirements management and consulting to design, development and hosting, T-Systems MMS was to support the entire process and continue to provide training, maintenance and further development. During the course of the project, the USA was also expanded.

  • Solution

    An e-business platform with Typo3 and Magento 2 in a new Design

    A website in a platform approach, which includes website and webshop, consolidates the many customer touchpoints. The basis for this is provided by the CMS system Typo3. The webshop is integrated with Magento 2. The successful combination is characterized by its flexibility and expandability. Editorial CMS content can be linked to the products in the store. The so-called "One World" approach reduces the effort for editorial maintenance. Thus, after consulting, analysis and conception, T-Systems MMS renewed the entire architecture of the platform and created a consistent user experience. In addition to the information architecture, the design of the user interfaces with visual elements, moving images and micro animations including storytelling was created on the basis of a living style guide - T-Systems MMS' own brand portal. This gives the brand representation a new and contemporary face to emphasize modernity and optimized user guidance.

  • Benefit

    New Web Presence for More Sales

    The consolidation to one e-business platform creates an optimized customer experience and an analyzable and controllable user journey, in contrast to the previous division into two domains. This creates a better focus on the needs of customers, which VACOM is now able to satisfy even better. By linking shop and CMS content on the entire platform, the information can be provided in a targeted way that directly promotes sales. Ultimately, the appropriate website for the company and its high-tech products translates into long-term customer loyalty and an increase in sales. With the new platform, the expansion of the target market to include the USA can be optimally supported.
    The continuous advice and support provided by T-Systems MMS has also helped VACOM to further expand its own e-business area.

About VACOM GmbH

VACOM Vakuum Komponenten & Messtechnik GmbH, founded in 1992 at the science and high technology location in Jena, is one of the leading European suppliers of vacuum technology and is active worldwide.
Core competencies are vacuum mechanics, electrical feedthroughs, vacuum measurement technologyVacuum optics and ion getter pumps for applications in high vacuum up to extreme ultra-high vacuum. In addition, innovative technologies meet the highest demands on the required purity and particle-freeness of the products. Customers and partners of VACOM include companies from high-tech sectors such as analytics, semiconductor technology, electronics, optics, solar and accelerator technology. VACOM is globally certified as a specialist supplier for future technologies such as EUV lithography or medical accelerators. We have long-standing contacts with renowned research institutions such as Max Planck, Fraunhofer and Leibniz in the development of special components, measurement technology and technologies.
Since the company was founded with 2 employees, the company has grown continuously. Today, VACOM employs around 350 people. Specialists from different nationalities work together in the VACOM team with a high proportion of scientists and highly qualified technicians.

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