Maximum reliability for central order database

Maximum software quality throughout the life cycle is particularly essential for business-critical web applications. Vorwerk uses an intranet application with a SAP connector to the central order entry system which is constantly being accessed by direct sales. Naturally, it is particularly vital that this application is high performing, stable and reliable.

With the objective of making the application more effective, stable and reliable, and to launch an automated test environment, back in 2012 Vorwerk turned to the T-Systems MMS Test and Integration Center (TIC), the only accredited software test lab for the online sector.

  • Solution

    From code analyses through test automation to performance advice

    Firstly, code analyses and load tests were carried out in 2012. Vorwerk's delight with the results, and with the way the project team worked together so smoothly, resulted in a series of follow-up jobs which are still being placed – from the test management solution and test automation through to application analysis and performance advice.

    The load tests for the intranet application were broken down into design, implementation and analysis phases. Vorwerk's in-house IT team drew up the test case analysis and its description. The results of the code analyses and the load tests were used as the basis for subsequent performance optimisation.


Objective achieved: better performance and stability

The Borland test suite from Micro Focus (SilkCentral Test Manager, SilkTest, SilkPerformer) was the solution deployed. This enables SAP applications and web applications to be tested using a single test solution. As well as installing, implementing and maintaining the test suite, T-Systems MMS also implemented the test cases in the product's own language. In parallel, Compuware's dynaTrace was used as the application performance management solution to detect any bottlenecks in the application, down to code level. Other database optimisation tools were also integrated. Vorwerk are still using dynaTrace as their continuous monitoring solution.

The testing done by the TIC resulted in a considerable increase in the application's performance and stability. For instance, optimising configuration parameters and source code modifications generated measurable performance improvements. As well as the performance advice, a hotline service ensured that the Vorwerk team were not left with any outstanding issues relating to the load tests and analyses.

About Vorwerk

Vorwerk & Co. KG is a Wuppertal-based family business that was founded in 1883. Its core business is global direct sales of high quality domestic products (Kobold vacuums, Thermomix food processors, Lux Asia Pacific products) and cosmetics (JAFRA Cosmetics). The Vorwerk family includes the akf banking group, the Vorwerk flooring business and the HECTAS group. Over 622,000 people work for Vorwerk worldwide, of whom some 610,000 are self-employed sales representatives. The Vorwerk group has sales of 2.6 billion euros (2013) and operates in over 70 countries.

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