Zentrum Bayern Familie und Soziales

Accessibility According to Modern Standards

As state authority of the Bavarian State Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Family and Integration, the Bavarian Centre for Family and Welfare (ZBFS) is responsible for the social services of the Free State. These include, for example, the implementation of the Federal Parental Benefit and Parental Leave Act, the promotion of disabled people's participation in working and professional life and child and youth welfare. To ensure that all citizens have access to the information and applications of the ZBFS, a barrier-free design of the website is essential. To ensure this, T-Systems MMS examined selected websites of the CSO according to the BIK BITV test, which is based on the German Federal Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0). The test not only identified problems, but also provided the ZBFS with solution recommendations on how its websites can be designed barrier-free in accordance with legal requirements.

Fulfilment of legal requirements for accessibility according to BITV 2.0


Identification of solutions to eliminate existing problems


Barrier-free access to websites of the ZBFS for disabled people


„After a detailed examination of the website, we were able to provide the ZBFS
with clear recommendations on how to make its information accessible to people with
disabilities and thus comply with the legal requirements.“

André Meixner, Head of User Experience & Accessibility at T-Systems MMS



Reference overview


Creation of a status quo of the ZBFS website regarding barrier-free access for all citizens.


Testing of the website according to the BIK BITV test procedure that as part of the development process with a classification of the previous deficiencies.


List of all problems found and concrete recommendations for solutions, enabling the ZBFS to grant barrier-free access to its website.

  • Requirement

    Smoothing the way to accessibility according to BITV 2.0

    On its website, the Center for Bavarian Family and Social Affairs provides important offers and information on all its areas of responsibility, which should be fully accessible to all population groups - to disabled people in particular. This is also provided explicitly in the Federal Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0), which has been mandatory for public institutions since September 2019. In order to meet these legal requirements and to make the services accessible for people with different disabilities, the websites of the ZBFS will be tested thoroughly in the near future.

  • Solution

    Reliable fault analysis by proven test method

    T-Systems MMS tested selected pages of the ZBFS according to the BIK BITV test procedure accompanying the development. With the help of this procedure, the pages were partly automated and partly manually tested for perceptibility, usability, comprehensibility and robustness for different forms of accessibility. Thus, all accessibility requirements were taken into account, the errors found were broken down in detail and the ZBFS was provided with solution proposals.

  • Benefits

    Barrier-free accessibility according to latest standards

    Through the detailed examination of the web pages, T-Systems MMS was able to identify errors that restricted accessibility for different user groups and to recommend concrete measures to the CEFSO to remedy the problems. As a result, the ZBFS can now meet the requirements of BITV 2.0 and provide the citizens of Bavaria with all its information and services, regardless of any impairments.

About the Zentrum Bayern Familie und Soziales

The Center Bavaria Family and Social Affairs is a state authority of the Free State of Bavaria and responsible for social services.
It is part of the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labour and Social Affairs.

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